How To Use Social Media In Your SEO Campaign

How To Use Social Media In Your SEO Campaign

There are two 2 of websites on the internet, those who are successful and those who aren’t. The fact is that most people who are failing in their online business don’t have to be. It’s just that everyone has moved on while they’re still making fire by striking 2 stones together. If you want to succeed in your online business you need to understand, integrate and utilise social media. The world of marketing is moving fast and if you’re not clued up on the power of social media then you will get left behind.

It Encourages Backlinks

Search engines like Google and Bing view followed backlinks to your site as votes or thumbs up from other sites telling them that they like your content and that they see you as a valuable source of whatever your site is about. Forget all the fuss about buying links, the best way to get natural links these days is to create profiles on the most relevant social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Anytime you share a piece of content on your profile you have the chance to expose to people within your industry and your rankings can benefit from people re-tweeting, liking and sharing it. Search engines like Google and Bing have confessed that they track links shared in social media networks so what are you waiting for?

It’s Inspirational

Another great way you can make use of social networking to increase the SEO performance of your site is to use visitor comments as ideas for content generation. This is important because visitors only share top quality content that has impacted on them so what better way to attract them than to build content based on what they want? So make sure you pay close attention to your visitors, make a list of their most pressing wants and provide top quality post that will provide answers to their questions. You should also pay greater attention to search terms that come up more frequently and those topics that are most shared or re-tweeted. Popular topics have a greater chance to be read, commented on and shared throughout your industry.

Take Social Traffic Seriously

Due to the explosion in popularity of social media search engines have begun to lose their monopoly as the only source of traffic generation. If you keep tabs with the regular Google updates you will find that a lot of top ranking sites usually loose traffic anytime the super search engine reprograms their server. The only way to escape any setback scenario that may occur due to such updates is to take traffic from social media networks seriously. This is why promoting your brand on social media has become compulsory and should be carried out effectively. To increase traffic through social media make sure you add all the major sharing buttons to your post so that people can easily pass it on to their friends and fans/followers. At the end of each article or newsletter include a short message to encourage readers to share the post if they have found it useful.

Make sure that you reply to your visitors when they ask questions and give the most active members some kind of incentive, discounts or free gifts. Always give your visitors useful, exciting and informative content that will help improve their lives. When you do this you don’t need to ask them to share it with others as they’ll gladly do it and even recommend you to others.

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