How To Target The Right Fans On Facebook

how-to-target-the-right-fans-on-facebookMost of the companies have yet not realize the importance of Facebook marketing. Even companies trying to promote their products or services on Facebook do not adopt the proper strategy very well. Facebook has emerged as a giant in social networking and thus it is quite important to learn the basics of Facebook marketing. It is important to target the right fans on Facebook to convert them into customers. This post explains in detail regarding how to target the right fans on Facebook.

How Is Facebook Advertising Better than Other Mediums

First, let us understand the potential of Facebook advertising and its merits over other advertising options. Facebook advertising is becoming common these days because of a number of reasons. If we compare it with Adwords, it appears to be cost effective. SEO requires a lot of time and the recent Google updates have made things worse for Internet marketers. This is where Facebook marketing seems to be more powerful. The best thing about Facebook promotions is that they can go viral. Also, Facebook allows you to promote new offers to targeted audience. The conversion rate is thus expected to be better. Again, with the increasing dominance of social networking websites, things are expected to get better only.

How to Get Quality Fans

You can make use of your mailing lists. You should encourage the members in the mailing list to join your Facebook fan page. Another important thing to remember here is that you should produce quality content on the Fan page. This means that the fans should see value in the content. You can post videos, photos or blog posts. Try to think as a consumer. Again, testing is also very important and you need to test different formats so as to improve the conversions. Finally, you should not complicate the marketing effort. It means that you should not force a number of promotions on fans at the same time.

The frequency of posting on the fan page can also make a lot of difference. For instance, some people or companies do not update their pages for weeks. This practice gives an indication to the users that the page in not active and they may leave the fan page. Similarly, posting 10 posts a day is also not good as it can frustrate the existing fans. You should also estimate the local time of your fan base so that you can release posts accordingly. There are various other options as well that can provide you targeted fans. For instance, the poll feature on fan pages is quite interesting. You can engage the fans by asking relevant questions in the poll. Such attempts can make your fan page go viral.

Things to avoid in Facebook Marketing

If you want to get quality fans on your fan page, you need to avoid some simple mistakes. Firstly, you should not ask your friends to like your fan page. Since, these people are not interested in the niche, they do not relate to the posts on the page as well. Moreover, you should buy Facebook fans fast. There are various websites where you can buy Twitter followers or Facebook fans.

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