How To Set Up Your Router Properly


Unless you have experience in this area, setting up a router, which may be simple to some people, can seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you have just moved to a new home, upgraded your router or have other reasons for installing a new router, the process can be much easier said than done. You need your router to activate the Internet with a wireless network, and anyone can set up their own router with a few basic tips.

Router Basics

Before you even get yourself ready to get started with setting up your router, learn a bit more about your router. Find out the make and model of router you have, because the directions for installation can vary quite significantly from one type of router to another. If you received an instruction manual with your router, read over it to find out more and get at least the basic details on how to set up your router, namely including any important guidelines to keep in mind during the set-up process.

Setting up Your Router

To set up your router, first turn off the power to your broadband modem. Connect the power adapter, plug it in, then connect an Ethernet cable to the broadband modem. Turn the power on the router, and insert the other end of the cable into the WAN. Look for labelling of the WAN on the back of your router, ensuring it is the right spot before plugging the cord in.

With a second Ethernet cable, connect one end into Port 1 of your router and any available Ethernet port on your NIC. Reboot your computer and let it load before opening your Web browser. You should have full connectivity to the Internet now that you have completed the set up of your router to your computer. If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet, you can search for a solution on your computer. Your computer should be able to detect any connectivity problems and offer you a solution on how to fix it. If you are unable to find the answer here, go back and check your manual for a list of troubleshooting information. You may be able to find a FAQ or other section offering you information you need for commonly found problems during router set up.

If you ever experience any difficulties during the setup process of your router, you can contact the manufacturer for more details specific to your make and model of device. They should be more than happy to talk with you and provide you with the answers to any questions you may have. Once your router is set up, you can start using the Internet whenever you want.

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