How To Set Up A Professional Answering Machine Message


When your customers call your business and someone can’t come to phone, what answering machine message are they greeted with?

If very little thought goes into your answering machine message then this greeting could be quite annoying and unhelpful to your guests. However, if you take the time to craft a high quality answering machine message which is creative and helpful, you will catch your guests off guard. They will be expecting something boring and predictable and they will receive something entertaining and helpful which makes them smile. An amazing answering machine message can make phoning your company a pleasant experience and can create a great impression in the minds of your guests.

Here are some tips for recording a better answering machine message:

Give the Important Information

When someone gets your answering machine, make sure that they get all of the important information right away such as the name of your business and the location (if there are multiple locations). You can also include information such as the hours of operation, since sometimes people call your business just to ask when you are open until.

However, be sure to get this information across as simply and quickly as possible because people will not want to listen to a long answering machine message. Make sure that you can say it in at least ten or twenty seconds or people will get frustrated having to listen to the entire message every time they call you.

Don’t Be Cliché

Everyone has heard the standard message on an answering machine, which always goes something like…”We’re sorry we can’t answer your call right now, but if you leave your name and number we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for calling and have a nice day.”

There are a few variations on this but it is essentially the same for almost every business that you call. However, your answering machine message doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. This sort of cliché phone message is repeated so often that it sounds forced.

If you can come up with a creative script which will be slightly different, your business will stand out. Perhaps you can come up with a different greeting or add a joke or something special to the message? When you do this it will also earn you free publicity, because everyone who calls you will be more likely to tell their friends and family about the funny or interesting answering message that they just heard.

Show Your Personality

When you are recording your answering machine message, think about the character and the personality of your business and how you can reflect that in your message. If you are a luxurious spa for example, you might want to have some relaxing music playing in the background and a very calm and peaceful tone of voice when recording your message. Whether you are a high energy start-up firm or a very prestigious legal office you can reflect the personality of your business in your answering machine message.

Once you have come up with the script for your answering machine message, practice it many times before you record it until it sounds natural and free flowing. If you have the budget you can even hire a voice actor to record it for you, as they will know how to make a recording with the right inflection and tone. Listen to it until you are sure that it sounds right and ask your other co-workers for their feedback.

It takes some time to create the perfect voice mail message, but when you create a great impression on every customer who calls, the effort will be worth it.

When you are setting up the voice mail message for your 0800 numbers here are some helpful tips for a professional message that will impress your customers.

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