How To Remove Timeline On Facebook?


Facebook has recently offered an option to convert your old profile page to their Timeline format. You have the option to do this, but if you have already set-up your Timeline, there’s no direct way to remove it. This may sound harsh since not all people want to use Timeline and they want to revert back to their old Facebook profile page. Facebook has not provided any option to remove Timeline, which has made some unsatisfied users angry about the situation.

But there are various ways for you to remove your Timeline in Facebook. However, this may involve using several tricks to get your old Facebook profile back as it was before. In addition, these tricks are only effective in removing Timeline for yourself, but your friends or those who view your profile will still see your Timeline in your profile. The steps you need to take depend on the type of browser you have.

For Google Chrome Users

The disabling method if you are using Google Chrome is the simplest of all the methods for removing your Timeline:

  1. Install the FB Purity browser extension.
  2. Visit Facebook and you will see a TL blue icon on your page at the upper right corner.
  3. Click the TL icon and the FB purity browser extension will disable your Timeline.
  4. Visit any Timeline pages of your friends and you can see that their profile will already be viewed as the old format, but only by you.
  5. If you want to view your page or your friend’s Timeline again, you can just click on the TL icon with a red cross to enable Timeline.

For Firefox Users

  1. Install the User Agent Switcher extension.
  2. Open your Facebook page using Firefox.
  3. Go to Tools – User Agent Switcher – Internet Explorer and choose Internet Explorer 7.
  4. View a personal Timeline page of any of your friends or you can view your own profile. You can see that Timeline has been disabled and you can view the old profile page. If you want to go back again to viewing Timelines, then just click the Default User Agent on the Tools or deactivate the User Agent Switcher.

For Safari Users

  1. Install the FB Purity browser extension.
  2. Go to Preferences menu – Select Advanced – Select The Show Develop menu – Exit the preferences menu
  3. Click the page icon menu and click the Develop/User agent. You can now choose a user agent. Choose Internet Explorer 7.
  1. You can now view pages in the old profile format.

For Opera Users

  1. Install the FB Purity browser extension.
  2. Enter in the url bar opera:config#ISPI Id.
  3. Enter Custom User Agent string Mozilla/4.0 and choose save.
  4. Restart Opera and view any Facebbok Timeline profile. You can now view the old profile format.
  5. If you want to return to Timeline, just chose Default on the Custom User Agent String and click save.

For Internet explorer Users

For Internet Explorer browsers, you will not normally be able to see Timeline because you have an old browser. If you want to see Timeline in your profile, install a newer browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari then activate your Timeline in Facebook.

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