How To Optimize Your Web

The internet has become one of the most important, if not the most important, forms of marketing for companies everywhere. All businesses want to rank well in search engines (especially Google) but let’s face it, the internet can be a pretty confusing place. Social media, key words and back end information are just a few of the things that can affect rankings. Most companies will hire somebody to establish their SEO, but some may want to do it for themselves. For those that do, here are some things you need to know.

First of all, when a search is being run, Google sends out “spiders” or little programs that scour the internet for the words you are searching for. In some cases they already have a database of relevant sites but whatever the case may be, Google is looking to match your search terms to the appropriate websites. It is therefore important set a website up so that Google see’s these terms. Here are some of the areas to do so.


Browser Title

The first thing to make sure you have optimized is your browser title. Do a random search like “online university degrees.” This will pull up a list of links to dealers that sell used cars. The text in these links is the browser title. It tells Google what words to put on the links in its searches. It might say “Online universities, online college degrees…” or something similar.  Clicking on it takes you to the website. If you look at the top left of any given website you will see this same text as well.

Meta Description

This is another important piece of information and it can only be entered into the html coding. If you right click on a website and click on “view source” you can view some of the coding. In there is a section called “meta.” This is the words that the websites uses to describe itself. When you run a search, such as “military colleges” it will bring up the list of links (with the browser title.) Below each link is a description such as “Our accredited online university offers multiple classes…” or something similar. This description is what is entered into the meta description.

The Body

The text in the body is also very important. You want to insert text that informs the viewer about your site while working in key words. So let’s go back to our example of Enterprise. Your text might read, “Trident University offers online college degrees specializing in military education…” See how the key words are all worked into the body to form a paragraph?

Below Footer

This is the area at the bottom of the main web page. It is sort of the “fine print” of the web site. Here you have another chance to inset key words. The key is to get them in close proximity to each other so Google is more likely to see them. The catch is you don’t want to overdo or it will look forced or unnatural. You could write something like, “Trident University has a large faculty to help you with your online education. Our accredited university… ” See how “online education” and “accredited university” are all in proximity? Once again this helps your website get noticed by Google.

SEO is a tricky animal and it doesn’t help that Google keeps their algorithm a closely guarded secret. There other things you can do like social media and bookmarking to help you as well but this is bulk of the onsite specific stuff that will help you rank. Even doing this much can be enough to get you ahead of the competition.

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