How To Easily Block Your Site Directory Browsing With cpanel

Hello Guys..

Today im going to show you how to block the access to browsing your site directory through your cpanel in minutes…!!!

This the way I blocked the directory browsing in my site.So, Im going to show the steps that I did

Ok guys,Come On…Lets do it.

Note: Click On The Tutorial Image To See In Original Resolution (Will Open In New Tab)

Step 1:: Login To Your cpanel.

Step 2::Click on Index Manager.

Step 3::Directory will be list down. Click on the directory name which you want to disable the directory browsing.

Step 4::Select No Index and click Save.

Step 5:: The directory browsing feature should be disable by now.

Once you disable directory browsing, visitor will not able to browse your directory by accessing the directory directly (if there is no index.html file). This will protect your files from exposing to the public.

Look.It worked in my site:-)



Anyway, i think this may help you.Enjoy.

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