How To Do Link Building


Since you’ll have to know how to do link building about 60% of your work as an SEO, you really need to know what works and what doesn’t work for your site. First off, let me warn you about something. If you come across an ad where an SEO says that he’ll create 1000 backlinks to your site for as low as $5. Run for your life! Would you like to know why? I bet you do. The point is that you don’t just need links pointing to your site. You also need to make sure that those links are quality ones. At least an overwhelming majority should be high-value links.

More Links or Better Links

I’ve seen a few sites that rank #1 for their target keywords and they have just a few sites linking back to them. One of the sites was and the other  one from a well-know hosting provider who has a super hight domain authority. And that’s what made that site rank number # for its target keyword. Just a few high-profile sites with the correct anchor text.    On the other side, I’ve see a slew of sites that have tons of links but all of them from low quality sites. Dime for a dozen.  And they ranked for .. nothing or just about nothing. So, if you need to decide whether you get a high-value link or more links, go for quality. And the cool thing is that if you aim for quality links, you’ll get bad links anyway.So, no need to prioritize them whatsoever. Just do your thing and they will come.   Since we’re on the links topic, I’ll share a few thoughts on internal linking. Internal linking is putting links on your site to another page on your site. It’s a positive signal for Google if you link with a correct anchor text and to a relevant page. So, it matters as well, though not that much as external links. The bottom line is that there’s no excuse to ignore this extra positive sign.

The Yahoo Directory

There are a whole lot of really … bad (low-quality) directories out there, but the Yahoo one is not such though. The Yahoo directory and a few similar ones (paid for the most part) are of high-quality because they are actually paid and manually moderated, unlike most of the free and lousy ones. And that ensure a low level of spam. So, if your budget allows ($299 annually), you definitely need to go ahead and submit your site. You just need to provide them with your title, description, and tags. And sure thing you need to pay. With that done, you’ll get a message with your site’s approval. Though they say that they may decide not to include your site to their directory, it looks that it does not happen that often and for no reason.   You may also want to submit your site to DMOZ but it’s lost its primary influence and importance that it used to have back in the day. I mean it’s worth trying but if it just won’t go, whatever. Just move on.  Again, it’s from my personal experience. So, it’s not cut in stone. :)

Press Release

If you’ve got a new service or product launch on your site – even if it’s your actual site’s launch for that matter – it’s a good idea to create a press release for that. Just make sure that it’s not one of those spammy press releases where the author just says how cool his site is and that you totally need to visit it. And that’s about it. You can see such masterpieces left and right and the world does not need any more. :)   You need to make your press release as useful and informative as possible. You can put up to 2 links that should point to a relevant landing page. For instance, if the release is about a product launch, make sure to link it to your product’s landing page. So, this method still works if done right. :)


Develop super awesome content and give it an interesting and intriguing heading so that people can’t help clicking on it. It’s gonna go viral and attract a considerable amount of visitors, which translates into traffic if you want the SEO lingo translation.    Other site owners or bloggers if you like the term better will link to your article in order to mention how cool you made it. By the way, it’ll work even if your post is not absolutely gem. The heading is a game changer in this case. Make it enticing.

Ask for a Linkback

You won’t believe it, but plain asking for a link back works wonders. Sure thing, you need to provide a reason to link back to you, but still this technique is quite often overlooked and that’s a pitty. You can write a post on your blog where you list for instance the best resources for learning web design. You can enlist like 20 sites there and give them concise and for the most part positive descriptions. That done, just contact all of those 20 sites you mentioned in your blog post and ask them to share a link to your post on Twitter or/and Facebook. Just don’t forget to specify that you put a link to their site in your post and sharing the post will benefit them as well.


So, before I say good-bye, I’ll repeat the mantra once again. You need to get quality links to your site, create quality content on your own site, let people know about new stuff that appears on your site and don’t hesitate to just ask for a link back because the worst thing that can happen is  that they’ll say ‘no’ and guess what? It’s not the end of the world at all. Hopefully, it’ll be a “yes”. And if you have cool stuff on your site, the chances of them giving you a positive reply get doubled or even tripled.

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