How To Create The Ultimate Gaming Station

Gaming has come on a long way since the days of the Pong and Space Invaders. Once gaming was a series of bleeps and pixels on a black and white or maybe even green screen monitor and while some of the games could be fairly addictive, few were going to bring you back time after time.

That was then, but this is now, and in recent times games have been far more exciting and far more big budget than all that. Whereas once games featured pixels and bloops, today they feature cutting edge special effects, sweeping scores and celebrity voice overs. Where they once involved pressing up and down to bat a ‘ball’ across the screen, they now involve managing your money, killing enemies and making moral decisions. The amount of money spent on games development has skyrocketed, and by the same token the amount of money that we commercially spend on games has increase fairly largely too.

And of course by the same token the way we experience games has changed a lot too. Today you sit down to a game the same way you sit down to a movie or a good book and you try to focus on enjoying the experience as much you can. For those who are huge fans of gaming, this is something that they will likely be willing to spend a lot of time and money on, which is why gaming is something that today requires the best multimedia set up if you are going to do it properly. Here we will look at how to set up the ultimate gaming station to really indulge yourself in your hobby.



First of all, you are going to need an incredible TV to handle the graphics and to make them look their very best. The most important thing of all here is to make sure that the TV is HD meaning that it has a higher number of pixels on the screen for crisper images. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are both HD and they look miles better in HD than they do in lower resolutions. Note though that to enjoy HD you will also need a HD cable to transmit the signal to the screen. You may also want to consider having a 3D TV, which means that the TV will be capable of displaying 3D images which does apply to some of your games.



Next you need to have the best possible sound, and for this you will need to get a great surround sound system. This is incredibly effective if you want to make your games more immersive because it will make it sound as though there is sound all around you and so as though you are actually in the place you are in in the game. This can even improve your performance in the game, as you can hear where incoming projectiles are coming from or hear someone getting the drop on you in online play.

The Environment


Also important is to think about the environment in the room. For instance it’s highly crucial that you have no glare on the screen which can be bad for your eyes and make it hard to see what’s going on. A heavy curtain is a must for a gaming station. Then there’s the importance of the open space in front of your television. This is very important as well, because it will be useful for when you are playing motion sensor games – using the Wii or the Kinect for instance.

Finally thinking about your seating is also very important and you should feel both comfortable and as though you are sitting in a high tech cockpit. What you mustn’t forget also is that you will want other people to play against you in multiplayer sometimes so you should think about getting multiple seats.

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