How The newest iPad Is For Gaming Compared To Other Tablets

How The newest iPad Is For Gaming Compared To Other Tablets

For gamers and usage at places like the online casino, the latest iPad4 is still generally seen as the most desired tablet of 2013 and rightly so in the eyes of many observers. There are plenty of rivals to the iPad4’s crown but many lack a few fundamental features that make online gaming more appealing.

Firstly, the iPad4 has that large screen, which gamers naturally place quite highly in their list of requirements. A bigger screen allows the user to become fully immersed in the gameplay not scrabbling around for icons or left wondering what lies off screen. This is especially useful for graphics heavy arcade style games, sports betting markets, or table games like Poker – available at the online casino.

The iPad4 also has a new superfast processor in the A6X. In combination with iOS6, this gives you a slick gaming experience without lag or freeze up, and reduced load up time. iOS6 is a stable and secure user interface, revelling in its simplicity and functionality. At the same time it allows for multitasking in a relatively unobtrusive way via the notification bar at the top of the page. These are the vital attributes required of the perfect tablet for the online casino.

With that said, it’s also a highly subjective business and some online casino users will prefer a smaller neater tablet. This lends itself to increased portability and the ability to hold in one hand.

The iPad Mini is an obvious choice and has gained huge market acclaim, benefiting from many of the features of its elder sibling. Alternatively there is the Google Nexus 7 which has also been much praised in tech circles. It’s a 7 inch screen and sits just above the smartphone market in terms of size. The iPad Mini falls in at 7.9 inches providing a nice bridge between tablet and phone and makes it perfect for gaming on sites like

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