How The iPhone Will Change Your Life?


If you have ever spoken to someone who has recently purchased a smartphone and in particular an iPhone, then they will probably have told you how it’s changed their life, how they could never go back to a regular phone, and how they would feel lost without it. If you’re still using a phone that’s just a phone, then you might be wondering how this could possibly be the case and thinking they’re just blowing smoke.

But the reality is that a smartphone and particularly an iPhone really WILL change your life in a number of ways. Here we will look at just some of the things that will be different for you on a regular basis.

The Commute

If you get the train or the bus into work, then prepared to never be bored again. During this time you can surf the web, check Facebook, read the news, play games, use the Kindle app, listen to music or do all those things together. Of course this isn’t just handy on your commute it’s also useful on your lunch break, when you’re waiting in a queue or let’s face it: on the toilet.


Having access to your e-mail is incredibly useful on your iPhone and this is something that enables you to stop worrying about work – because you’ll always be able to contact them if you should want to. At the same time it means you can enjoy viral e-mails and get your Facebook updates and generally you end up feeling completely connected to the world around you.

GPS and Maps

This little combo is something that you will find absolutely crucial when you own any smart phone. Basically it gives you the ability to find out where exactly you are and to then get a little route planned from your spot to the destination you want. It means no more walking around dead end roads for hours trying to get to a house party, and no more missing interviews because you’re late. Then you also have the apps like ‘Near Me’ which allow you to get a quick rundown of the pubs, restaurants and cafes in the area so you can find a place to eat.


This goes without saying, but having Google at your finger tips will come in handy at he most unexpected of times whether you’re having a debate with someone, looking for song lyrics or just bored.


Chances are that even if you didn’t have a smartphone before, you will have at least owned a phone with a camera. However having a phone with a good camera is a different story and you can expect your Facebook to very rapidly fill up with a different kind of photo – no longer is it just nights out and holidays that make the cut, but also those little moments that you want to capture on film and share or those strange sights you come across when you don’t expect to.

App Store

The app store allows you to download any app you can think of pretty much immediately and often very cheaply or even free. That means you can be playing a new game in moments or making your face look old, or finding your nearest cash point. These range from incredibly useful to hilariously entertaining, and they’re a worthy investment indeed.

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