How Not To Lose Money On The Latest Online Games

How Not To Lose Money On The Latest Online GamesIt is often extremely hard to tell if an online game is intended to exploit players for money or not. In fact, it may be impossible to tell. Sometimes the service provider hosting the game will provide some material about gambling addiction on the relevant page. Even if information will always constitute a first step only, it certainly can’t do any harm and clearly anyone who suspects themselves of being an addict should read such material. But what about sites that offer no warnings? As a gamer, you’ll need to be aware of the danger of losing a lot of money on such sites. Which is why, in this small article, we’ll give the gamer some tips on how ‘not’ to lose money while playing online games.

Individual responsibility

Ultimately, individual adults are responsible for their own actions and it is therefore essential that you possess self-control when parting with money online. People who fail to exercise self-control eventually spiral out of control and end up in a personal debt crisis. They experience the neurotic need to attain more money to both feed their addiction and pay back accumulated debts. This is why finding ways of developing the required self-control and then backing it up are at the heart of the battle against gaming addiction.

New Online Gamers are Vulnerable

New gamers are more vulnerable relative to experienced gamers. Again, it is well-documented that a newcomer who experiences beginners-luck is now at increased risk of gambling even more money next time around – the reason being that they feel invincible and brainwash themselves into thinking that they will win big money. If they just won big, their reasoning goes, why not win big again? Hence their money stake goes up – but their luck usually tends to go down. Online games benefit from such naïve attitudes and actions. If you’re a newcomer yourself, be sensible and do some research on the game and its potentially addictive qualities. This will mean that at least you’re aware prior to going into this world what the risks are – and what your odds are of winning/losing.

No Alcohol

Do not gamble while drinking alcohol. It is well documented that alcohol lowers inhibitions and increases impulsiveness. If you are going to gamble, then it is best to do so while sober. The drunk gambler is very often a reckless gambler. Similarly, do not gamble on online games to compensate for stress or psychological illness. This risks compounding the distress and risks the birth of a new psychological problem, i.e., addiction. Needless to say, it’s a lot healthier to boot.

Planning Time and Money

Playing online games (including a visit to an online casino) can be enjoyed if the gamer is responsible with their finances. If you should need advice, it is recommended that you write down using paper and pen just how much time you will go online to play games for. Moreover, work out how much money you would you be prepared to lose in that time. Make sure that the amount you are prepared to lose is a small percentage of your income. Work out the percentage mathematically. (don’t just guess). Stick to the plan. Never veer from it. Never go over budget. Make sure that the time spent online and the amount you say is ok to lose are ‘maximum’ times and maximum financial losses. Since this is easier said than done, you are going to need every bit of help you can get. A prepaid credit card can be a valuable support tool in this regard, since it only allows you to spend what’s on it – contrary to a credit card, which potentially allows you to play on and on until you’ve accumulated vast debts. If you don’t already have a prepaid card, you should therefore make sure to get one.

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