How Facebook Can Harm You


Facebook: The World’s Most Popular Way to Connect 

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking website launched in 2004, has become a great way for family, friends and colleagues to connect and interact. Users are able to post what they are thinking, what they are doing and where they have been. They are also able to share pictures and videos or even join causes to let their friends and family more into their life. With all of these great features, many users often forget that there can be serious danger attached to your profile.


One of the most dangerous aspects of Facebook is also the danger that’s easiest to prevent: information. It is important for users to remember that if you are over 18 almost any internet is able to view your profile and your information unless you go in and change your privacy settings. Never, ever post information such as your home or mailing address, phone number or personal email. Although these are harmless bits of information to give your friends, this information can put you at great danger if a predator or hacker was to come into contact with it. Additionally, while joining “networks” by posting where you worked and went to school can help you connect with old friends, it can also help skilled predators and hackers zero into where they can find you.

Real Friends Only

Although meeting people and creating relationships online may seem appealing it is also very dangerous. Honestly, if you only have an online relationship there is no way of telling if the person that you’re talking to is actually who they claim to be. There’s a popular documentary called “Catfish” and an MTV series by the same name that helps people discover if the person that they’re talking to online is actually who they claim to be. Sadly, most of the time, people aren’t who they say they are. People are able to create fake profiles with online pictures and create themselves to be people that they really aren’t. This is a popular method among predators the prey on younger people. The predator, usually a much older adult, will often create a profile claiming to be an attractive teenager. Once they connect and build relationships with other teenagers, they will try to set up a time to meet, often in a private area. This is extremely dangerous. If you do decide to build an online relationship with someone that you do not know in person, be careful. If they begin acting inappropriately or strange, end the relationship immediately. If you do decide to meet in person, meet in a public place and bring a friend along with you. You will never regret being extra safe.

Financial Information

A great feature of Facebook is that they allow online charities to create pages and let people know about their cause. This allows people to get involved and let their friends know about the cause. One of the ways people are able to get involved is by giving directly on Facebook. Although this can be a great tool for the philanthropists on Facebook, it can also be dangerous. Research charities before you give and make sure that they do what they claim. Also, be very careful about the financial and credit information that you give out. Never, ever provide a social security number.

Also services such as games and the new promotion option also allow users to buy things. Again, this is usually safe and reliable. However, make sure to double check everything. You do not want your financial information to fall into the wrong hands.

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