How a Smartphone Improves Your Life [Infographic]

Yes, it’s cool to carry around the latest and the greatest devices from Android and Apple, but have you ever really thought about how a smartphone improves your life? Whether you’re calling, texting, emailing, sharing photos or keeping up with social media, smartphones definitely help you stay more connected to family and friends. But there are lots of other ways that smartphones make your life easier—and more efficient. You can be a smarter shopper and traveler with price comparison and planning apps. Check your calendar, the weather forecast and even the traffic report to be better prepared for the day ahead. Enjoy downtime wherever you are with mobile games and access to entertainment on the Web. Compared to life without a smartphone, you’ve simply got more information and more ways to make technology work for you. Check out this infographic to get a straightforward visual representation of a few smartphone applications that improve your life right from the palm of your hand.

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