Google Play : Fabulous Service From Google

Google Play : Fabulous Service From Google“From today onwards Android market,  Google music and Google e-book store will be part of  ‘ Google Play ‘ ” – Google stated on last Tuesday through their official blog. Google is to create a  revaluation with Google Play by sending Android market, Google music and Google e-book to store to history.

Google is aiming to start a new service by coordinating their three different types of online trading services. Google Play can now be used for finding and downloading software for android phones and tablets. As part of this new system,  Android Market App will named as Google Play Store App . Even though Google music is now part of Google Play,  it will not br available for users outside United States.Google Play : Fabulous Service From Google

Google Play will help you in finding high definition videos and for downloading e-books for a great extend. I am pretty sure that Google Play will give users more than they expect with the help of their cloud services.

Let’s go through the interesting features provided by Google Play

1. You can store up to 20,000 songs for free and also you will be able to buy and download songs so easily.

2. More than 4.5 lacks of android software and games are available for downloading .

3. You can browse through the world’s largest e-book collection

4. Provides opportunity to watch thousands of movies

Google Play : Fabulous Service From Google

Google is not yet able to cover Apple in the with it;s applications and user response to the applications  . It was last day 25 billions downloads have completed from Apple Apps Store.  But there is only 13 billion downloads have done from Google app store.

So Google come along with Google Play to become the dominating power in the smart phone , tablet industries by using the advantages of their new exciting services .

Google Play : Fabulous Service From Google

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