Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are now safe with AGARI

The legends in e-mail services are cooperating with Agari, an anti-phishing service to provide high level of security for the users. This is attempt is to stop spreading of virus programs through e-mail and to prevent spam mails.


Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are those gathered to make this historic attempt to ensure the safety of their customers. These companies are providing Meta data from messages that get delivered to their customers. Agari so it can be used to look for patterns that indicate phishing attacks. Agari collects data from about 1.5 billion messages a day and analyzes them in a cloud-based infrastructure, according to Agari CEO Patrick Peterson.

Usually the company aggregates and analyzes the data and provides it to about 50 e-commerce, financial services and social network customers, including Facebook and YouSendIt, who can then push out authentication policies to the e-mail providers when they see an attack is happening.

Facebook can go into the Agari console and see charts and graphs of all the activity going on in their e-mail channel (on their domains and third-party solutions) and see when an attack is going on in a bar chart of spam hitting Yahoo,” for instance, Daniel Raskin, vice president of marketing for Agari, told CNET in an interview. “They receive a real-time alert and they can construct a policy to push out to carriers (that says) when you see this thing happening don’t deliver it, reject it.”

Agari protects 50 percent of U.S. consumer e-mail traffic and more than one billion individual mailboxes.

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