Google Drive : Drives You To The New World Of Online Storage

Google Drive : Drives You To The New World Of Online StorageHi dear friends, today am bringing to you the amazing features of the latest service from Google.We have already reported the releasing of  this upcomming wonder two weeks berfoe. Google drive released this week is going to make a big impact on the tech world. So far concerned, it’s being widely accepted.  At first glance Google Drive looks like Google Docs with a synchronization tool, but a deep look lead us to the new world of online data storage that we had never expected. A deep comparison between Google Docs and Google Drive gives us the slight differences between them.  What Google Drive gives to it’s customer is simply online free storage space up to 5 GB with synchronization tools those help you to keep data on your system synchronized with the server. It was last month Google Play form google was released and was a fabulous cloud service. Again just after one week, the arrival of Google Drive gives a clear view of their attempt to dominate the online trade industry.

Since cloud computing is the one that determine the future of tech world, google is making huge investment on this and their newer products and services shows their effort on that. Since the new service has started, Google Docs is now redirected to Eventhough Google Drive which gives 5 GB   free space, we can extend our storage up to 16 GB after payment. It supports  up to 30 file formats including various image, video and document formats.

             Google Drive : Drives You To The New World Of Online Storage

Google Drive can be installed on various platforms including computers and Mobiles and google drive also support working on Mac PC. Files stored on Google Drive will be available on Google Plus also. For searching files on this service , google gives you nice searching tools.

             Google Drive : Drives You To The New World Of Online Storage

On my point of view google docs users will continue receive service through Google Drive.But the clients of similar services like Skydrive from Microsoft,  Dropbox, etc will never going to be with Google Drive just because it doesn’t give much features compared to the product they are using. But the latest news that ” Google Drive got banned  in China ” will be trouble for the team-. Anyway on concluding let’s hope google will add more features to their new service and make their product more attractive.


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