Google Docs Updated: New Fonts, Templates and More Now Accessible


The New and Improved Google Docs

Google isn’t just busy tinkering with its search engine algorithm. In fact, the search engine giant actually made significant updates in its Google Docs service – a news that went largely under the radar.

In the official Google Docs blog, the company announced that it added new web fonts to its system. Thanks to this update, end users can now use 450 different fonts in making their Google documents. That’s right, you can now choose from typefaces (with some weird monikers) like Happy Monkey, Dyna Light, Lobster One and Nova Slim – a pretty cool way to get your message across in a creative and captivating manner.

It can be remembered that Google Docs’ font selection was limited to standard ones like Georgia, Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana and Comic Sans just to name a few – not the perfect ones to to use if you want to make a copy that easily jumps out of the page. However, with the update that the company made in its document service, you now have a sea of font options that will suit the type of project you have in mind.

Google does not automatically give you all the 450 fonts, though. Instead, you can pick each one individually, giving you more freedom to choose which ones suit your taste and your project. All you have to is go to the “Fonts” menu in the toolbar, scroll to the bottom and click on “Add Fonts.” Then simply choose the fonts you wish to add in your main menu and click the “X” if you would to remove any font that you have no plans of using. Pretty cool, huh!

Other Creative Additions

Aside from the new web fonts, Google also made a suit of creative updates on its Google Docs service, which include the following:

  • 60 new templates were added and can be accessed in its template gallery
  • launching of Google drive where users can create, share, store and collaborate their docs
  • Additional options for inserting images in documents, which include inserting from Google Drive, image search from LIFE photo archive, and the ability to take snapshots using webcam.
  • Charts in the spreadsheets now support minor gridlines and customization of axis label formats.
  • Docs accessibility is now made better with the addition of support for screenreaders used for presentations as well as the inclusion of NVDA in its list of supported screenreaders.
  • Default page size can now be tailored according to the user’s preference from file > page setup.
  • Different app script improvements.

What the Changes meant for Users

Of course, businesses and end users can simply get away with using standard typefonts and bland files when making their documents over at Google Docs. However, with the creative additions that this document service now feature, creating presentations and documents, whether they be comic books or wedding invitations, gets more innovative and interesting for both business people, students and regular users alike.


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