Google: Behind The Numbers [Infographic]

Today, Google is as common of a household name as any. Having started out as a search engine, the company has grown to a massive size and power in just a few shorts years. Dabbling in many different technologies and products at the same time, they have truly shown how diversified and successful a company can be. In 2010, Google reported an alarming $29.3 billion in revenue. However, despite all of Google’s various products and services, 97 percent of that revenue is obtained through advertising.

There is one incredible fact which makes Google’s massive revenue possible. They receive over 1 billion unique visitors to their site per month, which is 1 in every 7 people on the planet. With these visitors spending a total of 200 minutes per month on the site, the advertising possibilities are endless. In order to supply this type of service, Google consumes 260 million watts of electricity to power it’s data centers around the world.


Source: BMBA

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