Galaxy S3 : The New Generation Wonder Is Now On Market

Hi all, today i am here with the the thrlling news of the newbie to the  tech-world, Samsung Galaxy S3 which was introduced last day. Samsung expect much from the market with this product and the trends shows their expectations won’t get wasted.

Galaxy S3 : The New Generation Wonder Is Now On Market

The predecessor of Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2 was the model that changed the position of Samsung in the Smartphone industry.  Galaxy S2 was introduced on 2011 February 13 and more than 2 Crore of this model had been sold around the world. Galaxy S2 ended the monopoly of Apple in smartphone market and also helped Samsung to be the largest mobile manufacture around the globe by wiping out Nokia.

The 4.8 inch screen and high quality display is giving best impression to the phone. S3 has amazing  features named ” Smart Stay System ” is one that help the users to control the phone with the eyes. S-voice feature on this phone helps us to control the phone with our voice and we can open applications,make calls etc by using this application. S-Beam feature introduced in this model helps in fast data transfer and what we need to do is just make to device in touch for this.

Samsung had officially announced that Samsung Galaxy will be available on European markets by the end of this month. With more technical features and specification of Samsung Galaxy s3, our tech writer Akhil K A will come to you soon. Stay tuned .

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  1. I’ve also watched conference, i liked Galaxy S3 however it’s screen so wide, i think it is not useful as a phone. It looks like galaxy note.

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