Four Myths About SEO Companies And The Industry


Have you ever thought about peoples’ receptions to particular industries or workers?  How about lawyers?  There are some humorous, yet negative connotations to the field and practitioners.  How about mechanics?  Some rip you off, right?  Perhaps there are some unscrupulous mechanics.  Is it representative of others or the field as a whole?  It would be a pretty broad assumption.  Some businesspeople and the larger public entertain some myths about SEO companies and the industry as well.

This article is purposed to provide an insider’s perspective, to better educate the larger public.


Some companies may offer “packages,” but that’s more an exception than rule.  The better SEO companies understand the process is unique to each client, making it impossible to formulate preconceived notions about to-be campaigns.  On some very general level, such as a particular number of articles written per month, practitioners could offer the concept of a package; but, as stated, this is more an exception than rule, and is rarely practiced by prominent agencies.


A number of companies may “guarantee” first-page rankings on search engines.  That is quite a feat, and bold promise.  This is also near impossible to guarantee, especially assuming the agency is leveraging ethical tactics.  Search engines are businesses too, entitled to change algorithms, the way ads are placed in results, how pages and domains are rated, etc.  Even when a brand does achieve first-page rankings, it’s not over.  It’s an ongoing process.  The notion of a guarantee should be dismissed.


There was a time when search engines heavily relied on the content of a page for user reference.  Advertisers quickly caught on, stuffing keywords into pages in the hope of achieving top rankings.  The search engines began changing the way pages were cataloged and offered to browsers.  More ‘signals’ were added to the process, making the number of keywords on a page less relevant.  Quite the contrary, having too many keywords on a page will send a red flag to engines, possibly attracting a penalty or complete de-index.


Some businesspeople assume it takes a lot of money to gain SEO traction.  Actually it’s not true.  SEO companies house the abilities to make impressions on search engines, but also ‘market’ your brand.  Marketing makes for good online ‘word of mouth.’  Just like offline marketing, word-of-mouth is free.  Investment in search engine optimization is usually more top-heavy, with the ability to curtail investment while accruing attention flourishing with the passing of time.


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