FontPress: Simple Font Management For WordPress


Creating a dynamic website that will stand out in a crowded field of different online destinations is an incredible challenge. For this reason, it is essential for modern web masters to invest a healthy amount of time and resources making certain their sites are well-designed, incorporating stunning visual presentations with the tools needed to reach out to new visitors. One of the most common mistakes that web masters make when creating a website is building pages that are not seamlessly, but instead look as if they have haphazardly been placed together. If you have ever fallen prey to this particular problem on a WordPress site, FontPress could be exactly what you need.

FontPress is a simple font management tool that makes it easy to apply fonts to a website. Not only does this help keep the website looking unique and preserve its unique identity, it also can help web masters avoid poor web design in which certain fonts may vary from page to page. FontPress is easy to use and makes changes to the pages immediately, which means the product is also a great option for someone who would like to preview their work and change it quickly.

There is no need to rely upon CSS when using the FontPress management system, making this plugin an ideal solution for web masters who may not possess much knowledge on how stylesheets for WordPress work in action. The simple wizard allows the web master to quickly enter customizable text. This is a much quicker solution to adding new fonts, rather than trying to take care of such issues manually.

Another great feature of FontPress is how many different options are available to the enduser. The plugin comes with more than 30 different fonts, but it can be used with an unlimited number of fonts. Web masters can easily create a font of their own with the included tutorials, ensuring that their website will look unique and have a flavor all its own. The product is also compatible with several other font resources, including Cufons, Google Web Fonts, and CSS fonts. This makes it a perfect solution for those web masters who may need to put an emphasis on compatibility with other products currently in use.
In addition to changing the font of the text in question, FontPress can also be used to modify other aspects of the text. Color and shadow are two such elements, both of which can be changed to fit the user’s unique specifications and desires. The font size and line height can also be dictated in FontPress.

The easy-to-use interface and overall versatility of FontPress make it a natural choice for webmasters to consider utilizing on their sites. Should any difficulties be encountered in deploying the product on the website, the developer has also made several useful walkthrough videos available to plugin users. These videos demystify the process and can help show web masters how to effectively use the plugin.

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