Five Benefits Of SIP Trunking

Five Benefits Of SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is the number one hot topic in telephony today, and with good reason as the numerous benefits of the technology are realized by many. With business SIP fast replacing ISDN for telephone connectivity, it could be time for your organisation to make the switch. But how can SIP trunking help your business?

By Saving You Money

First things first, SIP trunking for SMEs will save your company money, and in all economic climates, not just the tough ones, this is a major bonus. You possibly already know that IP connectivity costs less than ISDN but what you may not know is that you will benefit from lower line rental, free internal calls and low-cost (the equivalent of local rates) calls internationally. The cost of relocating or forwarding calls is also extremely attractive.

By Giving You Flexibility

If you move location, or if you have sites spread across various areas, it can be frustrating to have to either change numbers (and therefore your website, apps and stationary) and keep track of a host of numbers spread over separate dialling codes. SIP trunking gives you the flexibility to keep your number in case of a base move and host all office numbers on the same dialling code.

By Providing Peace of Mind

Back-up infrastructure and a resilient network mean that you have the peace of mind to confidently say that your phone service is active and up 100% of the time. While this may not immediately seem like a major benefit, anybody who has ever suffered from telephony downtime will know of the intense frustration and inconvenience that can cause.

By Increasing Productivity

Local directories, similar (and therefore easily remembered) numbers and familiarity of handsets will all go towards increasing productivity as your staff spend less time dialing through switchboards or scratching around for colleagues’ numbers, and more time getting down to business.

By Future Proofing Your Organisation

It is inevitable that in the future almost all telephone calls will be made other a mobile network or an internet connection. By investing in the technology now, and enjoying the significant cost savings, you are putting your organisation’s future in safe hands.

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