Facebook’s Impact on SEO


Facebook in SEO

Since Facebook became available to anybody in the world for free, it has changed the way people communicate and share their lives with one another. Today is all about who saw who’s vacation pictures, how many ‘likes’ a status receives, and how many virtual friends somebody has. With such a large impact on nearly a billion people worldwide, you would imagine that Facebook factors heavily into Google’s search algorithms.

However, Google denies that the social shares from Facebook (and other social media sights like Twitter) play any role in determining rankings. That is, in reality, a lie. With extensive studies and experimenting, various SEO companies have determined that social shares do, in fact, matter when it comes to search rankings.

Changing the Game

What’s traditionally considered the most important factors in SEO is content, trust, links, and various factos about the domain such as age. With this new Facebook era, however, SEO is evolving to incorporate social shares, and if you don’t take part, you’ll quickly fall behind and lose the top rankings.

Facebook’s Impact

Facebook has quickly grown into arguably the most influential website in the history of planet Earth. With the growth of Internet phones and tablets, the social media giant can be found almost anywhere at anytime with relative ease. Wifi and phone companies blanket the world and allow access even in the most remote places. The following staggering facts will convince you that Facebook has to be in Google’s ranking algorithm:

  • Facebook has more than 900 million active users.
  • More than half of their users have Facebook on a mobile device.
  • Facebook is the most used social network as determined by monthly active users.
  • In April 2010, about 42% of the population of the United States owned a Facebook account.
  • Over 425 million users access the network on mobile devices over 200 mobile operators in 60 countries.
  • With such a significant impact on society, Facebook clearly should, and does, have a place in Google’s¬†algorithm.

Case Study

Rank Executives, a top SEO company based in Orlando, Florida, performed a case study on one of their clients, RageHats. RageHats sells neon hats, and they have product pages for each of their hats. Rank Executives compared two hat product pages: one had content, links, and a few social shares while the other had only many more social shares. The one with only social shares ranked higher in Google, therefore proving that Facebook’s social shares factor into the algorithm and needs to be a part of every SEO individual and business.

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  1. Hi Thomas – No doubt website owners and seo professionals cannot ignore the advantages of social sharing in regards to ranking factors. Although Google denies any correlation, it would not be smart to discount it.

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