Facebook Timeline getting rejected by users

Facebook Timeline is launched in many countries now and it’s been disliked by the users most of the Facebook users so far. People want to just disable the Facebook Timeline and want to get their old profiles back. Check out the reasons after the jump.

People are protesting on Facebook that the company should not impose new features on them without their permission. Facebook should at least give their users an open choice to enable/disable the Timeline. According to the average Facebook users the Timeline is complicated, messy and big fail feature of the site, and it is ruining their social networking experience and fun.
So, we suggest Facebook to give the users an option to Enable and Disable the Timeline feature so those who do not want to use it, will be happy with their old Facebook simple and clean layout.
What is you opinion about the Facebook Timeline? Tell us in the comments below.
Facebook Page For Timeline Haters: https://www.facebook.com/TimelineHaters

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