Facebook App Center Released

We have already announced the releasing of new app store, Facebook App Center weeks before. Last day it has been released on United States and from next week on wards, it will available worldwide. The popular online application stores are getting more and more reliable and powerful day by day. Apple store, Google Play, Windows Market Place and BlackBerry App World are giving good service  to their clients. So there will be tight competition ahead for Facebook App Center.

We can get into the Facebook App Center directly form our Facebook account and we can download application from there or can share applications  from there. There are about 63 apps are currently available on store now and Facebook will provide more apps soon.

It’s clear that Facebook App Center won’t be able to make big impact on the the market because , on comparing with Apple App Store with  more than 4 lakh apps, App Center’s growth will be much difficult. Anyway let’s hope Facebook can make a better performance by using their domination in social networking.


  1. To download an app from the App Center, you simply click a link. It will send a prompt to your mobile device for downloading. Downloads occur through the iTunes App Store, rather than Facebook’s servers. It is important to note that this is not a store; it is just a hub to find cool apps.

  2. The App Center joins a growing number of app stores modeled after Apple’s iTunes App Store, which debuted in July 2008. Apple claims a trademark on the term App Store, which may explain why Facebook is launching an App Center.

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