Excellent Top Rated Real-Time Web Analytics Plugin For WordPress

Today i’m introducing a powerful real-time web analytics plugin called  “WP SlimStat” for WordPress.As usual, this plugin is totally free and efficient for tracking system for your blog.WP Slimstat is your all-in-one solution for web analytics and visitor tracking for your self hosted WordPress site. Keep track of all important analytics metrics inside the WordPress core itself.WP Slimstat is a free, lightweight but powerful real-time web analytics plugin for WordPress. Spy your visitors and track what they do on your website.

WP SlimStat

Main Features

  • Supports both InnoDB and MyISAM (autodetect)
  • Tracks Google Plus One and Facebook Like clicks
  • Tracks known commenters, screen resolutions, spammers and other browser-related parameters
  • The best country, browser and platform detection ever seen, thanks to Browscap and MaxMind
  • Filters visits based on IP addresses, browsers, referrers, users and permalinks
  • View and admin access can be restricted to specific users
  • World Map


  • WordPress 3.0 or higher (it may not work on large multisite environments)
  • PHP 5.1 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0.3 or higher
  • At least 5 MB of free web space
  • At least 5 MB of free DB space

Browser Compatibility

As of version 2.5, WP SlimStat has switched from Flash to Javascript to draw its charts. This new approach, though, is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or older, so you’re encouraged to either keep your current version of WP SlimStat, or upgrade your browser.

Database usage

WP SlimStat needs to create its own tables in order to maintain the complex information about visits, visitors, browsers and Countries. It creates 3 new tables for each blog, plus 3 shared tables (6 tables in total, for a single-user installation). Please keep this in mind before activating WP SlimStat on large networks of blogs.

You may also like WP SlimStat Shortcodes, which enables shortcodes to show your metrics in a widget or a page.




Configuration panel:

On your mobile device:

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  1. Its great to know about another WordPress plugin specially for web analytics.This is why WordPress is so popular not only because it is easy to use but because lots of plugins also.And Web analytics are extremely important in understanding your demographics and what drives yourbusiness online. The secret to increasing sales is to know your customers, where they came from, what their searching trends and purchasing cycle are

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