Essential Rules to Design a Stunning Logo

When you want to design a stunning logo, you have to be very careful because the brand image of your client’s company depends a lot on you. Your designing skills can help him differentiate his business in a crowded market and maintain profitability even during tough times. A logo is the graphical emissary of a brand. It is more than just letters and symbols. Here are some of essential rules that you must follow to create an unforgettable logo.

1 Do some preliminary work: Take a pencil and paper and draw some sketches of the logo before opening your computer. You can create as many sample designs as you wish and amalgamate one element with another to get the perfect design. Once you have 10-12 samples, you can select the best design that conveys the brand message most effectively.

Logo-design2 Take inspirations, but never copy: While creating the sample designs, you can look at the emblems of other companies in the same field. It helps you understand what type of logo design the target customers like to see. However, never copy any other designer’s work. Use your own creative ideas and offer your client a unique logo.

3 Maintain balance: Symbols, text and colors are used for creating an eye catching logo. However, since a logo is not very large in size, you must maintain the balance of all these three elements very carefully. A balanced logo always looks appealing.

4 Should be comprehensible: Once the logo is created, your client will use it on billboard advertisement and at the top of letterheads. Hence, you must think of a design that will not lose its appeal whether it’s printed large or small. Take a large and a small printout of the logo on paper and judge its clarity. All the elements should be clearly visible. Also note that logo design must be saved in vector format so that it does not get pixilated when stretched.

5 Use colors cleverly: Colors relay different emotional messages to the viewers. For example, red stands for passion and strength. So, you must use the colors that suit the brand identity of your client’s business. Let’s assume that your client owns a restaurant. You can use red and yellow colors in his logo as this combination generates hunger.

6 Typography is important: If you are planning to design a text only logo or want to add a catch-line in your logo, then you must pay attention to the typography. Have you seen the Coca Cola logo? The font is so unique that you can distinguish the brand from a long distance. Select a font that suits your client’s business. Just remember a few things. Don’t use more than one font style and make sure that the text is legible when you scale down the emblem.

7 Keep it simple: Simple logo is always easy to remember. Think about Nike swoosh. You don’t need to be a designer or an expert on branding to appreciate its aesthetic appeal. Keeping the logo design simple is essential because of two reasons. First of all, people are not going to spend 10-20 minutes to decipher your logo and if they don’t like it as soon as they see it, you can forget brand loyalty. Secondly, people belonging to different age groups can be your potential customers and thus, it is important to design a logo that will appeal all of them.

Follow the aforementioned guidelines and you will be able to make your client happy and they will keep coming back for more designs.

Author bio: Samuel Robinson is a logo designer, working in a web development company. Learn more about logo design by clicking here.

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  1. Responsive web design is a technique for building websites that works on mobile devices, web designer have more elements to create stunning designs. Rules to follow are take inspiration but never to copy, keep simple logo etc.

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