Enhancing Your WordPress Backup With Xcloner – A Free Reliable Plugin


Why You Need Backup?

With the increase in vulnerability of getting your WordPress blog hacked day by day, many of the bloggers have lost their Blog Completely and all their work had went in vain and have to start again from the step 1 to re-setup and organize their blog just because they dint have a good and secure backup plan for their Blog.  Our blog is our Online Presence where we share our thoughts and knowledge to others and in some cases it is the only earning work of an individual, so if in this case a blog is hacked and you don’t have a backup then the whole scenario becomes like hell.
Now by reading this you must have thought that Hosting services provide periodic backups so why we should waste our time in doing this.  The answer is simple, web-hosts don’t Guarantee successful backups, if the backup created by their system gets corrupted then they hold no responsibility for the loss of the data, so we have be sure on our side that all our data is safe and we can access it anytime. A total backup plan should contain three safe places for the backup of your WordPress blog.  and in this tutorial and small article i would be showing you up how to use some plug-ins and free services for your own satisfaction and saving your blog.  By following some sequential steps in this tutorial the Reader would be able to automate his own daily or weekly backups and save them on his local drive or email services.

Intro. of the Tut.
The Basic Idea behind my tutorial is to help all the new WordPress users to learn the technique of backing up their pertinent data including their posts, contents etc.  As we all know that WordPress is the major Blogging platform and provide a vast space for users as well as developers for showing their talent by its simplicity. So we have to backup our blog for preventing loss of our DATA.
This tutorial have only 1 step including downloading a plugin , installing it correctly and major part of tutorial would be configuring it accordingly.
The plug-in that i would be using is xcloner which is backup and restore plugin for WordPress. All the information related to this plugin is provided on its official website that is xcloner.com.  Its fully customizable and would fit to all our needs. It has many setting and functions which i will be explaining in my tutorial.
What would you need?
Ample CPU usage Permission.
Cron Funtionality provided by the host.
Please watch The Video.
And sorry for the bad voice quality.
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  1. I know from experience the importance of backing up. Better do it than feel sorry
    in the end. Cloud storage is also useful to backup our valuable files.

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