Embracing The Digital Trend

Embracing The Digital Trend

An ever-increasing array of multimedia can be purchased online as a digital download these days, and if you’re keen to truly embrace that trend, here are some of the best ways in which to do so.


There has been quite a lot of resistance to the idea of downloading books, rather than buying them in paper form, but the launch of mass-market tablets like the iPad, as well as specialized eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle, has made it a much more popular option.

Books take up a huge amount of room, particularly heavy hardbacks, so see which of your favorite novels you can get as eBooks, and take the physical versions to your local second-hand bookshop, charity shop, or even to your library if they accept donations.

Computer Games

Modern generations of computer game consoles are capable of wirelessly connecting to your home internet and downloading digital versions of new releases directly on to their hard drives.

If you rarely swap games with friends anyway, you probably won’t lose out on much by not having a physical copy of the game on disc.

Again, you can free up some spare storage space by selling games online once you have them downloaded, which allows you to get rid of discs you no longer need while making a little money out of it too.


More and more television broadcasts can be watched live or on catch-up via the internet, meaning that for some people, there is hardly any need to have a television at all any more.

You’ll still need a TV licence if you want to watch live broadcasts via the BBC iPlayer, but if you don’t watch live television, you might find that you don’t need a licence at all.

This has always been the case if you have a television but only use it as a screen on which to watch DVDs and videos, but historically it has been very difficult to prove that you don’t usually have channels tuned in for live TV too.

With the digital trend, you have the option of using your computer monitor in place of a television – and if you don’t have any equipment with a TV tuner in your house, you’re in a much stronger position when the TV licence inspectors come knocking.


Of all the different media types, it was music that first made the transition to digital formats, in a shift that was actually driven by illegal file sharing on platforms like Napster.

In the years since, technology brands and record labels have worked together to establish legitimate music downloading with reliable and secure payment platforms.

This means you can download new releases within minutes of midnight, directly on to your MP3 player or computer, and listen to them with few restrictions wherever you may go.

If you’ve switched to digital downloads for one media type, but not for the others, it might be time to take a fresh look at your gadgets and see which support downloading – and add a new element of convenience to your home entertainment setup.

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