Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens [Free File of the Month]


Today  i gonna share an exclusive item! “Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens”! The Elitepack CSS3 Display Screens are a collection of web elements that are designed with pure CSS3 technology meaning that no images have been used apart from the background images.This particular pack is the CSS3 display screens which are a nice modern way of showcasing your application, website or portfolio gallery using CSS3 powered display ‘vectors’. It includes an iphone 4, imac screen, MacBook pro, MacBook air, and an ipad 2. All the models also come with black and white variations.Why are you waiting? This is totally free for this month! Go and grab now!!



  • Pure CSS3
  • Cross browser compatibility: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE9 , IE10 – Preview
  • Complete set includes: ipad 2 (black/white), macbook pro, macbook air, imac monitor (black/white), iphone 4 (black/white)
  • Simple to implement
  • Scalability without losing pixels
  • Use different orientation (horizontal/vertical)
  • Stack multiple items together
  • Abstract classes that allow you to have different combinations
  • HTML5 Video Support
  • iframe Support
  • Free pngs generated from html
  • Looks good on iPad
  • Nice CSS3 Shadows on modern browsers
  • Well Documented and commented code


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