Effective Low Brow Advertising [Infographic]

That 20 second commercial that airs between halftime of the Superbowl is long enough to impulse millions of people to become patrons of their business. Through the use of low brow advertising, advertisers are able to successfully demonstrate the advantages of using their client’s service.

One example of low brow advertising is the fear tactic. This technique shows viewers worst case scenarios if you don’t consider their product. For example, one insurance commercial shows an upset man after his car has just been wrecked and now regrets not signing up for their plan. Another example of low brow advertising is appealing to a person’s hunger. Fast food restaurants include this technique, with slogans like “gotta eat”. These phrases tell customers that only their food will satisfy their cravings.

From fast food to insurance, low brow advertising can be a successful marketing tool if used right. Remember to never buy a product, however, just because the commercial is entertaining or thought-provoking.


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