Domain Search Tips for Realtors


Searching for the perfect real estate domain name but having some second thoughts on your prospective domain names? Real estate brokers have a tendency to register domains in their own name. While your current customers might find your name memorable enough to search for your name and find your website, a personal name domain won’t do you much good in attracting new leads. Ideally, you want your website to draw in people from the search engines and bring you new business. Here are some tips to selecting the ideal real estate domain name:

  • Avoid long domain names– You can come up with the most unique ideas in choosing the best real estate domains.However, you should put in mind that you must avoid including enormous number of characters to your domain. For instance, “” could be an ideal domain name for the company BBC as they are also using the domain name as a marketing tool. But because it has too many letters on it, people may find it confusing. Instead, you can go for See the difference?
  • Keyword options – Work with a real estate related keyword list during your search. “Real estate” in the URL is actually quite difficult to find available, but you can plug in other words that will work just as well, i.e. home, homes, house, houses, property, properties, residence, etc.
  • Spelling matters – There are a lot of real estate companies out there so it is essential that you come up with a domain name that won’t confuse your customers that can end up to directing them to other real estate websites instead of yours. This is why you have to choose a domain name that is easy to spell. It is safe to say that your domain name can be easily spelled if people can easily access it without asking you over and over again for your domain name.
  • Choose the best extensions – There are a lot of available extensions to a domain name which may include but not limited to the following:






Though you can find different domain name extensions, if you can track down a .com, it’s the most popular one. This extension is known worldwide. This can help you a lot especially if the person knows your domain name but forgot your extension. He or she will surely try “.com” first rather than other domain name extensions.

  • Be descriptive yet simple – A good real estate domain name should be able to tell a person what kind of real estate properties you are in. However, while many successful and known businesses with branded domain name such as apple, Facebook, etc. would contradict this tip, your job is to market homes. It takes a great deal of brand marketing to establish an unfamiliar brand name online. This also means you are choosing to describe your business rather than using your brand or business name which is most common way of creating a domain name.
  • Local results – The real estate business lends itself naturally to a local domain name. Try plugging your county or nearby cities into the domain search tool.

If after exerting a bit of creativity, you still come up empty, you have a few more options. You can both watch the expiring domain names and wait for something perfect to come along or look into a premium domain name for your business. If you deal in high end homes, a premium domain name may be an affordable investment for you. is your premier source for finding real estate domain names to suit your business, local area or offer you premium domain name options.

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