Does Your Blog Have a Compelling First Impression?

Does Your Blog Have a Compelling First Impression?It is important now more than ever that you are able to capture the attention and interest of visitors to your website and keep them coming back. With so many blogs on the internet and distractions to readers, your site has just a few seconds to make a great impression. There is a saying that the first impression is a lasting impression and this saying holds true for your blog site. Your blog should aim to create the appropriate first impression depending on what your objectives are and how you are choosing to brand the blog. This first impression is powerful and can determine whether a visitor will become a regular. If you are looking for suggestions on how to create a great first impression, here a few tips to keep in mind.

Determine Your Objectives

It is important to outline the goal of your blog, your niche, target audience and what type of impression you are trying to give off to your visitors. This is important because the impression should match the overall design of your blog. For example a website that focuses on delivering trending technology news will throw its visitors off with a logo that has graphics of a tooth or a toothbrush, this will be more appropriate for a dental logo. Outlining this information will guide you in your web and graphic design process and keep things in sync with your goals.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Your design and graphics should also be appropriate for your target audience. It should be something that they relate to and find interesting. That is why it is often difficult to target a blog to everyone because not everyone will be attracted to your chosen style or find the content valuable. Your goal is not to appeal to everyone but to your target audience. For example a rock’n’roll blog with a very serious, corporate design and graphics might throw visitors off because they have a certain expectation of what a rock’n’roll site should look like. If you are not certain how to style your site or graphics, look at other top blogs with similar niches and use their designs as an inspiration for your own. For example, In the case of a dental blog, we search for other high ranking dental blogs to find similarities across dental logos, website styling and content structure.

Graphics, Texts and Navigation

The appearance of your blog site is made up of the navigation, color scheme, logo, graphics, texts and styling and all these things together create an impression on the mind of your readers. If you are a professional blogger, your website must appear professional to let readers know that you take the site and content seriously. Invest in a quality design and quality logo. With a large supplier pool of design services and platforms available in the market, you can essentially get quality design services at an affordable price.

Measure Your Results

After investing in the overall aesthetics of your site, it is a good idea to implement an analytic tool to help you track results. The bounce rate is an excellent measure because it tracks the number of users that visit your website and bounce without browsing other pages. It lets you know the amount of time that people are spending on your page.

Creating a good first impression is necessary to sell people on your blog and grow your readership base. It is essential that you first outline the goals for your blog, your niche and your target audience. Using this information, you can create a styling and appearance that is relevant to your topic and attractive to your readers. An eye catching blog will have an aesthetically pleasing design, a well designed logo, an easy to navigate layout and compelling content.

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