Does Having More Twitter Followers Always Better?

does-having-more-twitter-followers-always-betterTwitter continues to grow globally as more users sign up for the service daily. The social platform has also become a significant tool for businesses to reach out with their marketing campaigns. It is also a faster way for individuals to build a reputation around certain topics. For all these and other reasons, it appears lucrative to have more Twitter followers but the question still remains, is more Twitter followers always better? The answer to this question depends with the intention of a Twitter account owner and the ability of the person to achieve those objectives with a certain number of followers. In general, terms that apply across a wide range of users, having more followers does not have any special advantage. Here are detailed answers to the question.

1. Having More Followers Needs Accountability

If you have a very high number of people following a certain account, then the account will be under tight scrutiny at all times. Any good or bad thing that happens on its timeline with get an amplified broadcast across Twitter and has a better chance of moving beyond the virtual walls of Twitter. For marketing messages, this influence is lucrative; however, it is a two-edged sword. Any mistake on the timeline, through a deliberate declaration or honest mistake will likely stay unforgivable. If the account belongs to a corporate body, then a bad tweet can cause a very big image tarnishing that could costs the organization a lot of money to repair.

2. More Followers Force Account Owners To Stay Non-Specific

In an attempt to please everyone, people or businesses that have many followers will unlikely tweet about a specific interest for a sustained period. This happens because they want their timelines to remain relevant to the high number of followers. The desire to please everyone forces the account owner to go for a general niche and avoid any controversial topics that may create divisions and eventually lead to loss of followers. From this fact, it is clear that more followers transform the engagement on Twitter into a chore that has guidelines and repercussions. For a person seeking uncertainty, freedom of expression and an intimate personal engagement with followers, having more followers is not a wise choice.

3. The Number of Followers Is directly proportional To the Resources Needed

When you have thousands of followers, it is very difficult to keep up to date with all the individual conversations taking place on your timeline. After a short while, you discover that you need more time to keep up with the mentions, reply requests and direct messages. You will be dealing with read and fake accounts, and it is hard to tell them apart. For busy people and businesses, the only way to keep up with more followers is by outsourcing the management of their Twitter accounts to their staffs. Anyone who wants to buy Twitter followers should think of the associated costs of dealing with the celebrity status on the social network platform. If the cost is too high, and you do not want to lose your individuality then it’s better to go with a natural slow growth in the number of followers.

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