Diamond Preparation For The Love Of Your Life

diamond-preparation-for-the-love-of-your-lifeSo you’ve found them, the one you want to share the rest of your life with. You’re feeling the butterflies and you think it’s time you make the big jump from single to married. Well firstly, congratulations! Whilst there’s a lot to plan, preparation will go a long way in containing your nerves. Written below are some pointers you should consider before getting down on one knee and popping the question:

Time to count up the cookie jar

Money can’t buy love, but extra effort can make things more special. There is a tradition in the west in which the groom must spend a total of three months wages on his fiancées engagement ring. Whilst this is a nice idea and something you may have heard others do, the fact is that in this current financial climate many people cannot afford to do this. So instead why not decide on a maximum budget.  As long as it’s something she has chosen then that’s the most important thing to worry about. Fingers crossed they haven’t got expensive tastes.

Keep your ears open

I have no doubt that as you read this your future wife will have a good idea as to what engagement ring she wants. Perhaps you have no idea. As Corporal Jones once said to Mr Mannering “don’t panic, don’t panic!” there is a simple solution. Try taking her out for Sunday lunch, having a glass or two of wine, then after, strolling around town making sure to pass all the jewellery stores on the way.  Listen carefully and keeps your eyes peeled as slight hints will be given to you the whole time.

Find out her ring size

The easiest way to do this is to borrow a ring from her jewellery box and bring this to your jeweller. Make sure it is one you have seen her wear as some rings are kept due to sentimental value and do not actually fit. If you encounter this problem, then tying a piece of string round her ring finger whilst she is sleeping can be a touching way of finding your loved ones ring size.


Do it when they don’t expect it, make it a surprise. Proposing is as important, if not more as the ring itself. This is a perfect time to show how much you really love them. Most women have been looking forward to this day all their lives so give them something to remember. If it’s out of a plane then do it, if it’s in the middle of the ocean then swim, it’s all about making it special. Down on one knee is a must, where and when, only you know, however outside the local kebab house on a Saturday night is perhaps not the best idea.

Don’t forget to ask dad

For some reason, men become absolutely terrified when asking their father-in-law for their daughters hand in marriage. However there is no doubt that pops would really appreciate the fact that you need his permission in order to go ahead with it all.

Don’t buy your ring from Del Boy

Where you buy your engagement ring must be near the top of the list when deciding what’s important. Dodgy Dave and his weekend discounts are probably not the best idea. Research and find a good engagement ring jeweller to learn about your diamonds before you visit there and don’t be afraid to ask around.

Proposing to the woman you love is perhaps the most special and romantic thing you will do for her. Do your groundwork first, man up and make it a day she will never forget.

Good luck guys, I’m sure everything will be fine!

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