Death of Facebook: End of Social Media World?


Even though the IPO of Facebook was a massive disappointment, current market trends show that activity is slowly picking up for the stocks of the world’s most successful social media company. This should be good news for Internet marketers all over. Since most – if not all – of today’s SEO strategies are directly or indirectly tied up with Facebook, its loss would definitely create a domino effect on the online market.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing Today

  • According to business magazine Entrepreneur, companies which have not invested in social media marketing would be dead in five years.
  • Facebook users spend an average of one hour each day on the website – and this number is only continuously increasing.
  • Facebook is 500 million members strong – and growing!

Essential Factors to Consider When Marketing on Facebook

Only time will tell if Facebook would become another dying star, similar to how websites like Facebook and MySpace used to enjoy incredible popularity before gradually fading into obscurity. Meanwhile, there’s the present to consider. If you want your business to have a successful marketing campaign online, then you need to establish your company’s presence on Facebook right away.

When marketing on Facebook, you need to take into account its unique but essential qualities.

  • Two-way communication – The way Facebook is designed allows immediate interaction between businesses and customers. This can make or break your company. If you do something right, then people may be quick to praise you and perform word-of-mouth marketing – or at least the online version of it. They can share or like your link. They can re-post it in their accounts. But if they don’t like what you’ve shared, then they can be as quick to pull you down as well.
  • Customer-oriented – Facebook yields a lot of power to your customers. As such, you need to seriously invest time in getting to know your market. Otherwise, you will never be able to reach them.
  • Easy sharing – Lastly, Facebook also makes it incredibly easy for people to share content. However, there are also ways for you yourself to mess things up and make it impossible for your customers to share content about your business.

Now that you know what makes Facebook a unique platform, here are the most important things you should focus on when creating a campaign on Facebook for your business.

  • Viral – There must be a clearly recognizable viral component about your post. It’s something that will get your customers eager to share with other people.
  • Trustworthy – However, you should also take the time to establish your company’s reliability and trustworthiness. According to a famous Cell Phone Expert, most Facebook users only share posts when they are relatively convinced about the veracity or authenticity of the post.

Be More Productive on Facebook

When it comes to marketing strategies based on Facebook, a quick response is the key. Remember that your post can be so easily buried under the updates from other Facebook users in a person’s network. For this reason, you need to be able to respond quickly to any activities involving you or your business. To do that, you should consider signing up for a quicker internet access.

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