Crucial Mistakes Your Local Business May Be Making on Twitter – Part 1

As a local business, it’s important to ensure your time spent on Twitter is as productive as it can be. Therefore, today, I’m going to share some findings from a recent study conducted by the social media marketing firm, Salesforce. In the article published on Mashable that shared the study’s finding, there are three crucial mistakes many major marketers make. Is your local business making them too?


First, your local business does not take advantage of posting on weekends. It’s a common misconception that the busiest time on Twitter is during the week. This study highlighted there can be an increase in engagement during the weekends. In order not to miss out on a valuable time to interact with potential customers when they’re seeking interaction, add tweeting on weekends if your business does not already do so. Your organization, therefore, should be tweeting every day of the week! Thank goodness for tweet scheduling software!

Remember, though, you can never set it and forget with social media. It’s vital to check in throughout the day to engage real-time with customers who may be responding to your pre-scheduled content. Finally, putting aside all other guidance, it’s important over time to monitor what is most effective for your business and then adjust your Twitter schedule to best suit your audience engagement.

Second, your followers aren’t more engaged because you don’t ask them to be. When was the last time you asked your Twitter followers to take an action on your behalf? We all love when our followers re-tweet one of our messages, but may feel like we need to rely on followers knowing to take action. However, remember, there are followers with all different sorts of technical savvy and knowledge of the platform. Therefore, help your followers know what they can do for you, and ask them to do it. You may want to ask for the occasional re-tweet or to be liked on Facebook. Two follow up points to this guidance. First, remember not to overdo the request for action or your followers may end up tuning out your message. Next, remember to be clear in your request. The Mashable article indicated when requesting a re-tweet, the request is often more successful if you spell out ‘re-tweet’ rather than just use RT.

Third, you’re tweeting at the wrong times. One of the often confusing pieces about social media is that each platform has its own “rules” of engagement. For Twitter, the key time for tweets is during the normal business day or actually just a little bit around either side of it. The Mashable article sites the peak Twitter engagement times as 8am to 7pm. If your local business is currently tweeting a significant amount outside of this time, try adjusting them to find these core hours and see how the change impacts your engagement.

To effectively market your business with Twitter, it’s important your local business spend some time trying different techniques and monitoring the results. It’s often easiest, however, to start with some tried and true guidance on market trends!

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