Creating Unique Emails For Email Marketing


Email marketing is an efficient and very economic way to target new potential customers but also a great way to keep in regular contact with existing clients. Unfortunately there are thousands of spam emails sent each day that clog up people’s inbox and also deter them from opening up emails if they do not know who they are from.

An effective response to this is to spend most of your energy building upon your existing relationships by creating unique personal emails that encourage them to forward or tell other people about your company’s products or services. Here’s a few helpful hints in how to produce that unique email.

You should already know who your existing clients are. If they are repeat customers then there is already an element of trust and the foundations of a relationship. Create a list of their emails that you can work through when tailoring each email.

Build on that trust. People can generally spot a spam email without even looking at it and will delete it instantly. Make yours identifiable as you. Create a similar look as your website or brand and use the same logo. Be consistent of when you send the emails. Try to keep to the same time each week or month so clients know that its from you. People suspect emails more if they are received randomly at 3am on different days and less likely to read them.

Make sure they know the email is coming from you by using either your personal name or the company’s name as the sender. ‘Do not reply’ or ‘enquiries’ are not very personal names.

Once you have got people to look at your email, the next challenge is to engage with them and retain that trust. Do not ask for personal information and state clearly that you will not be offering their email address to anyone else. Do not go straight for the sale. Remember you are building up trust of the customers and is better to have a lot of potential customers than just one quick sale. Provide engaging and informative content this is valuable to them, with a suggestion of your products or services later on.

Use a clean and simple format that is easy to read and intuitive. Flashing lights and pop-up banners will only put off the reader and send them away.

Finally live up to your expectations. If you are advertising something that you cannot supply or an order that you will not be able to fulfill the do not advertise it. Building up a working relationship can take months but can be broken in an instant.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your business grow and increase sales, as ultimately this is the main aim of any marketing technique.

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