Creating Good Link Bait


The internet has evolved, creating opportunities for millions of people globally. It has become a platform for trading, socializing and sharing innovative ideas. Every month hundreds of new websites are hosted and a majority of people rely on these sites to make a living. But this is can be challenging when only a few people visit your website. Fortunately, there are tools and methods that you can employ, to increase the number of visitors to your site. One of the best and most successful methods is known as Link Baiting.

Link bait is any feature, or content on your website that is created primarily to attract others to link to the site.  Other sites link your content if they feel that it is interesting enough to draw attention. In other words, other websites promote your website via links. The content on your page should be interesting enough for others to want to link to it; this link will be on other sites; therefore, visitors click on the link to be redirected to your site. What happens is that your page acts as bait. Hooks a term used in link baiting is what is used to create the link bait.

Some Link Baiting Methods

Creating good link bait, consider the type of information that is on your page. It could be a video, an image or a step by step guide of a particular process. No matter the choice of content, it should be interesting and informative like this example. These are what we call informational hooks. You can also include blog posts, or cite references, where your content acts as a resource hook. Link bait in SEO works well when the quality of the link is good, since search engines use an algorithm to rank a website.

The following are some successful methods to successful link baiting.

News Hook:  If your page contains captivating news that will be an interesting read, your page has a high chance to be link bait. Such news can be celebrity gossip, or an unexpected occurrence in the political arena. Write the kind of news that will instantaneously capture a large audience.

Contrary Hook: By creating a page that criticizes a perception, or belief will quickly attract people to your site to want to read your views on the matter.

Attack Hooks:  Compared to contrary hooks, attack hooks could be somewhat offensive, in that, they basically attack someone else’s ideologies, and to some extent, an individual, probably in the public eye. It’s highly advised that you avoid using the attack to hook, if you are looking to popularize your site, then you could possibly do the complete opposite if you use attack hooks unnecessarily. You could create more problems for yourself than you can handle or then you could have intended.

Humor hooks: as the name suggests, you could create a page whose content is lively and comical. Most people tend to visit such sites to uplift their moods when they are low.  It is one of the best hooks you can use to generate traffic to your site.

Other types of hooks you can use include; shocking hooks, curative hooks, tool hooks, widget hooks and much more.  Your webpage can be based on any of the aforementioned hooks; their main purpose is to create multiple links to your site increasing the number of visitors to your site, by being on top of the search engines.

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