Copywriting For Better Social Media Interaction


With social media becoming more and more important for businesses it is essential to dive on in and see how you can make it work. I have been idly playing with social media for years on a personal level but I have only recently started to make the networking sites work for my company, and I wish I had started this sooner.

When I first created a business page on Facebook and a Twitter account I have to admit I had very little idea on what I should be posting. I had little content on my site other than details about my services but I knew from online research that it is a big faux par to constantly promote all the time. This is something I really wanted to avoid as I hate to be constantly sold to in my newsfeed and the last thing I wanted was to do that to others.

Eyeing Up the Competition

I began adding irrelevant updates and I have to be honest, I was getting nowhere fast. So I started to look at other business pages similar to my own and see what they were doing. I quickly found that blog content was being shared on a huge level, and so this is where I directed my attention. I needed regular content relating to my niche in order to create more interesting and useful links onto my social networking profiles.

A blog was added to my site and I began to research into how to create good content. As this was a whole new area for me I wanted to know how to do it right, and I also didn’t want to use the blog to obviously sell my services to the readers. As I was aiming to use the information on social media I wanted to create interesting, useful and even the odd funny post to try and spark conversation, build a following and show people what my company was about at the same time.

Blogging Has Many Advantages if You Are Able to Produce the Goods

I quickly learnt from my research into content writing that:

  • Google doesn’t like content that is not original and doesn’t give readers value
  • Blogs are considered to be useful in SEO
  • Linking your social network to your blogs is a great way of growing fans and followers
  • Writing regular content is hard!

Although I know a lot about my business (obviously) I found that writing interesting, relevant and useful blog posts on a regular basis was a lot harder than I expected. I shared the job of adding posts with one of my team but the time we were spending on it meant that our other work was being pushed aside, and clients don’t like to wait.

Instead of hiring a part time member of staff I decided that I would look into outsourcing the blog content. I found a great company online and the cost was minimal. I was thrilled to discover a team who understood the purpose of the site, that it was for social networking primarily, and they were able to come up with content on time, post it for me and offer the value that is considered so important by the search engines.

SEO Boost the Blog Provided Was a Definite Bonus

By focusing on networking my blog has certainly helped my website rank higher in the search engines which has been a slightly unexpected bonus. My social networks are growing and I have a good following that seem to be enjoying the blog and conversing with me and I have had a lot more enquires into my services too.  This year I plan to work on the social networking side a lot more and I expect that marketing great content through these various channels will continue to pay off.

Hiring a SEO copywriter is a great way of creating amazing content to social on your social networking sites.

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