Caution:WordPress 3.3.1 Security Update Launched

Wordpress 3.3.1 U[dateWordPress 3.3.1 is now available

This maintenance release fixes several issues with WordPress 3.3, as well as a fix for a cross-site scripting vulnerability that affected version 3.3.

It is as usually possible to update the blog right away from within the admin dashboard if it has been configured for that, or via file transfer clients if the former option is not available.

The blog post that announces the new version of WordPress mentions 15 maintenance related fixes and one security related fix that have been applied to the new version. It fails to go into detail but links to the bug tracker listing which details every fix except for the security issue.

Update your WordPress installation immediately

Here’s a list of the fixes

  • wp_print_styles() causing mid-page scripts/styles to bleed into admin
  • Multi-site Upload Limit Stuck at 50MB
  • Wrong widget count on dashboard ryan
  • Multisite: No Database Prefix causes strpos(): Empty delimiter
  • Never show two flyouts at once
  • $userdata not populated properly
  • Toolbar shows a warning on a second call
  • Unwanted backslash in output
  • Users list ‘Change role to’ allows for changing logged-in Admin role to Subscriber
  • current-menu-item and current_page_item classes incorrectly added to custom menu items with no URL value.
  • Remove .button styling from _default_wp_die_handler()
  • Press This #message is ugly (3.2 to 3.3 regression)
  • Quick Edit/Reply missing tabindex causes <tab> to miss Update Comment/Reply button
  • Script Loader dies in 3.3 on no-JSON PHP

Fixes Issues Preview:Click to see the in original size:

I have already updated several WordPress sites to version 3.3.1 and did not notice any odd behavior or issues with the updating or site operation.

WordPress admins are encouraged to update their blogs as soon as possible to protect it from the security vulnerability and to resolve the stability issues that have been fixed with the update.

I strongly suggest you to take a full backup before updating!

For more details about the updates, you can go to these links:

Link 1 – Link 2

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