How To Increase the Loading Speed of WordPress Site Easily

Increase the Loading Speed of Wordpress Site

Fast loading of website tends to improve your website traffic, reduce bounce rate, improve engagement of readers. Slow website create frustration to your readers. Lets take a example. You find out important information in a blog but the loading speed of the blog is slow. Of course it create a frustration. There are billions website with trillions of information. No ...

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Top 8 WordPress security tips that you must read


Crackers are people too.Unfortunately, they’re the wrong type of people; the ones who’ll look for ways to break a site and suck all your hard work into oblivion, all because their imaginary girlfriend dumped them for a PlayStation 3 while they were busy zapping goblins with their level 32 Warlock. If you’re using the latest version of WordPress,   you’re ...

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How To Fix Broken Links In WordPress In Minutes

Link Checker Settings

Hello there! Today I’m going to show how to speed up your blog!!! Don’t smile buddy, I’m not joking.You can speed up your wordpress blog, if you read this article.According to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), broken links are very important, because search engine do not like landing pages which give 404 error page. Search engine treated them as a dead end. Just ...

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Caution:WordPress 3.3.1 Security Update Launched


WordPress 3.3.1 is now available This maintenance release fixes several issues with WordPress 3.3, as well as a fix for a cross-site scripting vulnerability that affected version 3.3. It is as usually possible to update the blog right away from within the admin dashboard if it has been configured for that, or via file transfer clients if the former option ...

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Excellent Top Rated Real-Time Web Analytics Plugin For WordPress


Today i’m introducing a powerful real-time web analytics plugin called  “WP SlimStat” for WordPress.As usual, this plugin is totally free and efficient for tracking system for your blog.WP Slimstat is your all-in-one solution for web analytics and visitor tracking for your self hosted WordPress site. Keep track of all important analytics metrics inside the WordPress core itself.WP Slimstat is a free, lightweight but powerful ...

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TimThumb Vulnerability – Your Blog Is Under Attack


A vulnerability in an obscure WordPress add-on script that was discovered in August is currently being used to compromise more than 1.2 million websites — and could be easily used to siphon data out of databases hosted on servers also hosting the compromised websites, security experts warned today. Different than the many mass compromises of late that have been accomplished ...

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Free WordPress Themes 2012


In this article i’m introducing the best 10 wordpress themes.All the themes are are extremely professional themes for free.Hope you like this themes.Download, Install and Enjoy… StylePress StylePress is colorful free WordPress Theme with loads of great features such as custom TutsPress widgets, 3 advertisment areas, Twitter, Facebook and much more.. Custom TutsPress widgets 3 advertisment areas (728×90 / 200×125 ...

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Top 5 Essential Plugins For WordPress 3.3 For Free

Top-5-Essential-Plugins-For-Wordpress 3.3

We know WordPress is upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.3. That’s really great.Right? But, the main problem in the upgrade of wordpress leads to the compatebility of famous wordpress plugins. The plugins are still to upgraded to 3.2.1 to 3.3. Then, is their any way to solve this issue? My own answer is YES.You can depend on other top rated plugins ...

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Top 12 Fantastic WordPress Video Themes


  Vblogging or Video blogging is the latest trend which is here to stay. Showing Videos, Promos and other Information all at one place is a great concept. Earlier bloggers use to give outgoing links of the videos in their blogs which means people moving out to the other video websites in search of same or similar content. This marred ...

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How To Change The WordPress Default admin Username Via phpmyadmin


Changing the default WordPress admin login username: By default, WordPress installations use the admin username. The admin account provides access to the WordPress backend and all characteristics of the installation. Since this is well known, it can become a security vulnerability. A hacker can easily perform a brute force attack on the account to retrieve the WordPress admin login password. In the ...

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