Running A Successful Adwords Campaign


I get asked all the time about what factors make up a successful pay-per-click (Google Adwords) campaign. To help my clients better understand how to run a successful Adwords campaign, we developed a list of all the features that every campaign needs to incorporate. Failing to include all of these core functions can result in a poorly run campaign, costing ...

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Copywriting In The Social Media World


As the field of Internet Marketing grows, copywriters have no choice but to adapt quickly and stay ahead of the curb. We’ve come a long way from the days of Don Draper, and I consider that a good thing! Copywriters are the Jack-of-all-trades kind of breed (or Jill-of-all-trades, in my case!) and as our own profession becomes increasingly important in the world ...

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How To Host A Webinar Like A Rockstar


Thanks to the power of the Internet, many professionals and companies are turning to webinars as a way to share their expertise with others without the need for travel and expensive conferences. Webinars are short video conferences that involve a key speaker and an audience. The key speaker will share their knowledge on a certain topic, and participants have the ...

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Why Your Blog Traffic Sucks and How You Can Fix it Now


Writing for your blog is fun, but getting readers to your post is a lot of hard work. There are different techniques you need to implement to make sure you are getting the traffic and comments necessary to keep your blog full of life. Reasons why your blog post is boring and not getting enough traffic: 1. Your Topics are ...

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Social Media Planning For Enhanced Online Visibility


With the rise in social media optimization and companies pouncing on sites like Facebook and Twitter in an effort to join the ranks of companies enjoying enhanced online visibility there needs to be a review of the basic architecture of social media planning.  Though not nearly as exciting as the strategies that garner most of the press related to social ...

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Hosting A Webinar- You Are Ready!


Think you don’t have what it takes to host a professional web conference in an online conference room? By the time you finish this article you will know that you do! Everyone has a webinar inside of them just waiting to be created and then shared with an audience. You just need to know how easy it is to do ...

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10 Things To Consider Before Choosing An Article Writing Service


There are so many websites offering you the very best article writing services that promise the earth as far as SEO goes, but what exactly do you look for in copywriting services? What distinguishes the best from the rest? Here is our guide to 10 considerations before choosing the copywriter who could very well mean the difference between success and ...

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Where Can I Find Stock Photos For Less Than $1 USD


Photos can become the new content for individuals and businesses. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how can you keep up with this photo demand? Everyone is not a great photographer, and getting photo content every day is hard to do. Finding the perfect photo to express a thought, emotion, idea or place is ...

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A Few Invaluable Blogger Outreach Tips


A social task that depends on human interaction, outreaching can be a stressful and even laborious task at times. When it comes down to it however there are a few obvious but effective techniques that can go a long way in making an SEO’s task much easier. Here are some simple but powerful tips for those conducting outreach campaigns that ...

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When Web Hosting Goes Wrong


Web Hosting is such an important part of an online business, which sadly not enough people research thoroughly. With each and every web hosting company claiming to be the best, the cheapest and the most reliable, it can be difficult to know who choose. Some businesses don’t thoroughly plan ahead and think what they might need from their hosting in ...

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