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Tips to Improve your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is probably the most powerful social media marketing tool of the century and here are three main reasons -media, -b2b and -clients. LinkedIn statistics: LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 313 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than ...

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Facebook Going To Launch The Paper App – A Visual News Reader

Facebook Going To Launch The Paper App - A Visual News Reader

Facebook has tried to expand itself beyond the basic, generic mobile apps. These attempts have failed in the past but now the social network may have hit the gold with a new ‘Paper’ app for iOS which will be rolled out on February 3. ‘Paper’ is an intriguing app, to say the least. Think of it as a perfect amalgam ...

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How To Remove Timeline On Facebook?


Facebook has recently offered an option to convert your old profile page to their Timeline format. You have the option to do this, but if you have already set-up your Timeline, there’s no direct way to remove it. This may sound harsh since not all people want to use Timeline and they want to revert back to their old Facebook ...

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Building Small Business Social Network Interactions


If you are into online business for the long term, then you know the importance to know how to network market effectively for meeting congruently minded people and buyers. When you have decided that this is for you and your sticking it out for the long haul, then you have to start by building a strong foundation first and then ...

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YouTube, Your Phone, Your Email, Your Television And You


We have heard the concept of tailored advertising for a while now, and some of us might roll our eyes when we hear about it, however that technology has other uses as well. When Gmail was first launched in 2004, there were some major privacy related concerns about how Google scans your emails to offer ‘ads that are relevant to ...

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The Emergency Services And Twitter


The relationship between the emergency services and the people has always been a strained one. On one hand, they are the ones we turn to in our hour of need, but there are also instances where we turn on them, in the rare instances where they let us down. The 21st century has brought about technological advances and online opportunities ...

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Top 5 High-Profile Twitter Faux Pas In Football


Twitter is a hot-bed for scrutiny when it comes to TV/movie stars/professional sportsmen/women and politicians tweeting their opinions to their followers and subsequently, the world. Some are able to censor themselves before any humiliation or contempt is thrown on them, but others aren’t quite as good at knowing when to keep quiet. There has been a huge amount of publicity ...

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Does Having More Twitter Followers Always Better?


Twitter continues to grow globally as more users sign up for the service daily. The social platform has also become a significant tool for businesses to reach out with their marketing campaigns. It is also a faster way for individuals to build a reputation around certain topics. For all these and other reasons, it appears lucrative to have more Twitter ...

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How To Target The Right Fans On Facebook


Most of the companies have yet not realize the importance of Facebook marketing. Even companies trying to promote their products or services on Facebook do not adopt the proper strategy very well. Facebook has emerged as a giant in social networking and thus it is quite important to learn the basics of Facebook marketing. It is important to target the ...

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Tips For Using Social Media As A Customer Service Tool


How many times have you not been fooled by a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Some businesses make claims, which aren’t always backed by their services, products, or customer satisfaction rates. Social media has put a human face to those negative results. Social networking sites may be a solid ground for promoting your business, but they come with one small hiccup, customer ...

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