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What Do People Think About The New iPad?


It has been a couple of weeks now since the launch of the new iPad and the reviews are in. Changewave research conducted a survey in late March to discover how popular Apple’s latest tablet has been with consumers. Interestingly, of the 200 owners who participated in the survey, over 80% declared themselves satisfied with the tablet – a user satisfaction rate that is apparently ...

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The New iPad Has Strange Battery Charging Issue


The new iPad is in the center of everyone’s attention again! A couple of days ago Dr. Raymond Soneira (president of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation of Amherst, New Hampshire) explained how the famous Retina display and brightness levels affect the battery life of the iPad 3, also known as “the new iPad”. Now he has returned to this topic and said that the ...

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Top 10 Banned iPhone Applications Around The World


Apple (AAPL) has become the envy of the wireless industry by creating a sprawling bazaar of software programs that can be loaded onto its iPhone. Apple has reportedly revamped its apps approval policy in a bid to make Apple marketplace safer and more productive.Whether too sexy, too profane, too offensive, or too partisan, these apps just couldn’t make the cut. Check out these banned ...

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Most wanted tips to Improve Apple iPhone Battery life


The iPhone is a great device for performing a wide variety of functions, like sending email, watching a movie, getting directions to a destination, playing games, surfing the internet, or of course, making a phone call. One thing that hampers the iPhone’s ability to be a worry-free productivity device is its the battery life. It can vary widely depending on ...

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Top 10 iPhone 4S Accessories


Although the iPhone 4S initially disappointed analysts and consumers for having added little to the original iPhone 4, the device continues to be a leader in the smartphone arena. Not only does it have a robust app store, the device can become a fully-functional multimedia device by paring it with additional accessories. Here’s ten great iPhone 4S accessories every iPhone user should have.  Jawbone ...

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