Mac OS X Yosemite


  The new MAC OS X Yosemite was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 2, 2014. The beta version of the next-generation software was available to developers on that same day, with a public launch coming in the form of a free upgrade in the fall of 2014, this is great news. Since the time of unveiling, Apple ...

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Is Windows 8 To Blame For Low PC Sales Figures?

Is Windows 8 To Blame For Low PC Sales Figures?

Research firm IDC’s market tracking numbers for the first quarter of 2013 are in, and they are not pretty . the overall market for PC’s decline by over 13 percent year on year, the worst numbers on the record. Interestingly , IDC blamed Windows 8, calling out its radical UL changes and the higher cost of touch enabled devices  as ...

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Some Unseen Features of The Latest Windows 8


The latest windows 8 by Microsoft has plenty of features that are unseen to several Users. There are some of them described below. The Secret Start Menu: Like any other older version of this operating system, windows 8 also shows the start up menu once the lower left corner is left clicked but when the same place is right clicked, ...

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Ultimate Guide To Make Windows 7 Blazing Fast!


Choosing a good operating system for one’s computer is definitely not an easy decision to make. There are so many elements, which one has to think and appraise, before zeroing on one. One good suggestion would be to start using Microsoft Windows 7. Apart from the interface and the integration that the system uses, it is also easier to work ...

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Lightning Fast Windows 8 – Less Than 7 Seconds


We all want faster boot times for our PCs. But the hardware and the operating system was never fast enough. But, that thing is about to change. An Solid State Drive (SSD) equipped Windows 8 PC can boot up in under seven seconds. Windows 8 boots so fast that it theoretically gives you only 200 milliseconds to access the boot ...

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Windows 8 Is Well Powered With Parental Controls


Parents controls are a matter of critical importance to parents around the globe in a world that is fast growing digital. In such a world, it is impossible to keep the kids away from computer and internet. However, such an access should come with some limitations and that is where the role of parental controls come in. It now seems ...

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Windows 8 Wont Have Any Kind Of Free DVD PlayBack

windows-8-wont have-any-kind-of-free-dvd-playback

The use of DVDs has indeed been declining over recent years, with content more readily available online and transmitted more often through flash drives. However, there are still a lot of us who would like to pop in a DVD at times and watch a movie. But this would no longer be possible with Windows 8’s default features which will ...

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Simple Steps To Install Windows Xp Faster


Hi all, am back with a new trick for windows xp users. As you all know windows xp installation takes little more time that compared to installing  latest versions of windows operating system. Here is an easy method that reduces windows xp installation time. Just follow the steps bellow for installing windows xp faster. Boot from windows xp installation disc. After all ...

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Microsoft Excel Shortcut Function Keys


Most of the user know at least a handful of shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. However, an entire row of function keys shortcut  is often neglected and even unknown to users. We are talking about the Function keys  that  they just do not get enough attention from users of Microsoft Excel. So,Here is a list of shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel. ...

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Simple Steps To Fix ” NTLDR Is Missing ” Error In Windows XP


Hi all, today let me share an important information for windows XP users. I am pretty sure that windows xp users may faced this “NTLDR is missing” error atleast once.After this error message the booting process will not be carried out and system asking you for restarting the computer. Usually after seeing this error message users will format the system ...

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