Can Websites Achieve Local SEO Objectives While Featuring Global Content?


Is It A Problem?

In the modern era, consumers are looking for three things when deciding who to do business with. The three key variables are generally cost, time, and quality, with most accepting that, to steal a Meat Loaf lyric, that two out of three ain’t bad.

While search engines can help a business to portray their abilities in delivering all three, local search engine optimisation is the one that helps them be found fastest. Joe Bloggs searches a service, the business at point A on the map or top of the rankings is closest to his home, and off he goes.

There is no question that that sounds like a perfectly natural chain of events. However, with every small business now looking to portray themselves, and rightfully so, as large corporations and highly professional, is this having a negative impact on local SEO techniques?

Negative Impacts

The biggest negative impact you could have on your business is by aiming your site at a market that is unlikely to be a lucrative one for you. So, if you are looking to primarily deal with people in the United Kingdom, do you really need a .com when a will show where you are based?

Away from this aspect, you should still be able to gain at least a foothold when it comes to local SEO by having contact details on every page, so that search engines can make the link between your service and your location.

Besides dealing with this issue effectively, what else can you do to ensure that you can have a wide reaching site aimed at bringing in local business?

Delivering Hits

The first thing you should do is set yourself up a Google Places listing. This will have a massive impact on your local SEO, as well as making you a more credible business within local listings, too. By ensuring search engines can rank you by location, both your site and where you are will feature prominently in search results. This will then give you the opportunity to gain business both online or offline, and increase the likelihood of you turning a lead into a revenue stream.

Webmasters will be able to research and identify the keywords that are most used to find your business, so that you can very specifically target customers if you know that people in London search for a certain term, for example.

Conduct thorough research or discuss your needs with a webmaster now, and you will begin to understand how global thinking and local listings can work alongside one another.

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