How Can You Build Your Brand Authority With SEO Tricks?

With the increase of competition in the market, it is absolutely essential to build your brand authority. According to Google’s Quality Rating Guide; you need to focus mainly on the E-A-T (Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness). The top SEO Company will also recommend few suggestions to build up your brand presence.

Select The Niche and Expertise: You need to find out your specialization and focus on the niche marketing. A strong brand presence will definitely help if you know your USP (unique selling point) properly. You can start off with your strength or even the categories where you can observe large number of natural links.


Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search: As the mode of search queries have changed in recent years, the modern technologies will be beneficial for shaping the relevant factors. With the gradual evolvement in technology, you can include ERD (Entity Recognition and Disambiguation), NLP (Natural Language Processing), schema, markups and structured data for a successful brand campaign. Clarify your brand identity to your audience and use authorship markup. You also need to optimize your site properly for the knowledge graph. You can implement few knowledge graph optimization techniques mentioned below.

  • Highlight your Google+ presence
  • Freebase entry can be modified and updated
  • Connect with the relevant sites
  • Insert structured data
  • Get coverage in Wikipedia

Scalable Link Building to Build Brands: You can associate your brand with relevant links. Few high quality links always counts better than hundreds of low quality links. You can find out some real top domains in your industry through the well known tools like Alexa, SEMRush etc. Select at least two highly authoritative sites and connect with them.

Communities: You need to be part of relevant communities to build up your online presence. You can interact with different members of the communities for a long term business relationship with mutual benefits.

Social Media Networking: Business profiles can be created in the social media network like LinkedIn. This easy-to-access business profile will help you to connect with various relevant brands in your industry. You can easily reach a large target market through your strong brand presence.

Online Videos and Presentations: You can optimize the online presence by videos and presentations. For example, if you have attended any business seminar you may upload that video or presentations in the video uploading sites like YouTube or Slideshare etc.

Blogging: Blogging is one of the activities that can associate you with a wide market where people can enjoy reading your content as well as subscribe them online. This is definitely useful to build natural links and therefore a strong brand presence online.

Guest Blogging: Besides keeping updated with your own blog, you can also look out for this particular option where you can reach a larger audience through top blogs in your niche. This will enhance your brand identity.

Responsive Designs: The number of visitors can be increased by making your website design accessible to all mobiles, tabs, and computers. Therefore, here comes the need to invest in responsive web design. It ensures the enhanced interactions through different internet enabled devices. The increased number of audience will help in increasing your online presence.

Brand Authority and SEO efforts are interdependent to each other. You just need to learn the right methods of dominating the search engine query for your brand. If you actively participate and interact with different communities relevant to your industry, you will surely get fruitful results.

Author Bio: Mark Stevenson is a well known SEO expert and a blogger who specializes in branding. In this article, he is sharing some of his tips which can be followed to enhance the brand identity of your products or services.

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