Calorie Counter By FatSecret Android App Review


There are many fitness and diet applications available for your Android, and this product by Fat Secret is just one of them. Using this application, users are able to track all food intake and keep track of exercise and anticipated calorie burn. Similar to many other Android apps, many who are looking for an app to help them reach health and fitness goals may be wondering if Calorie Counter is the right app for them.


Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a free food and fitness log for Android. It comes with a helpful home scree widget, and it gives users several methods for keeping track of what is consumed and how much exercise is done. This app is designed to give users a sense of how many calories come in and how many are ultimately burned off.

How it works

Using Calorie Counter, you set up a daily budget for you total calorie intake that is tailored to your goals and needs, but to do this you need to set up a free account on FatSecret’s website. To open your account, you have to answer many questions related to your current shape and your final goals; questions are mainly about your age, weight, gender, activity level, goals, and so on. After completing this information, you are given a budget which you follow by logging all of your activities and all of your food intake. While this sounds like other apps, not all of them make you join a website, which is one downside to Calorie Counter. Another negative is that you have to enter all of your information to the site and not into the application; many apps let you enter your current information and your goals locally on the app, even if there is a service you must register for.


As you log foods with Calorie Counter, you may encounter something that you haven’t reported previously. When this happens, the app will take a moment to query an online database to find nutritional data. You can also manually search for foods or simply scan barcodes to try to upload new information. Previously logged foods are quick and easy to log again however; you simply must search your recently eaten list. The app features an easy to understand interface with a visual representation of your daily budget. As you consume foods and begin to enter physical activities, Calorie Counter provides you with an easy to follow visual representation of your progress. The numeric display that shows you how many calories you can still consume in a day to meet your goal is prominently displayed and can help in motivation.


Like many of its competitors, Calorie Counter by FatSecret has pros and cons, so it is, in general, no better or worse than any of the other similar apps out there. Depending on what you like and don’t like in this sort of app, this may or may not be for you. Compulsory website signup and answering questions via the site definitely was a turn off for me. Additionally, I didn’t enjoy that new foods had to be searched online; an in-app database would give me more flexibility in using the app. I did, however, really enjoy that I could scan barcodes to input new foods. I also liked the visual representation of my daily progress. I should also note that I was a bit remiss that Calorie Counter didn’t offer password protection. As mentioned, this free Android app has pros and cons. It really depends what you like in a diet and fitness app to figure out if this one is right for you.

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